Monday, April 25, 2016

Photo-of-the-Week #260 - Sunrise On The Atlantic, New Beginnings, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, January 2009

This is IT! For all of you who have tuned in each week for this simple feature I've called my Photo-of-the-Week, this is the 260th photo article. I said this is it, because after 260 consecutive weeks or five years, I'm ending this series. And, NO, it's not because I've run out of photos. Believe me, I have several thousand photos to continue choosing from. I'm simply tired and bored with producing this particular weekly article . . . READ MORE

Saturday, April 23, 2016

52 Weeks to a Simpler Life – Tip # 31 – Simply Solitude . . . You Time

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Do you ever feel so exhausted and drained at the end of a day you simply want to curl up in a little ball and hide in a hole or closet or anyplace away from the world?

If you do, you're certainly not alone. We live in a complicated world, a nonstop world of work, demands, pressures, stress, chores, text messages, emails, phone calls, appointments, family requirements, traffic, job responsibilities and it's endless.

Remember when we were kids and our parents had all that pressure and took care of most things for us? A big deal back then might have been homework, a class project, athletic team practice, asking someone to the prom, hoping to be asked to the prom, what to wear to the prom and chomping at the bit until you could get that drivers license.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Photo-of-the-Week #259 Reconnecting – Uncle Pete's House, Garfield, New Jersey, September 2013

I've decided to end this Photo-of-the-Week series at the five year mark. That will be at the 260th post of weekly photos. This is #259. I have no particular reason for ending this series. I still have thousands of photos left and I'm always taking more. I simply feel like taking a break and coming up with something new. I'm thinking it may be video instead of still photos. Stay tuned and you'll be surprised as much as I may be with whatever I come up with. So, there is still one more photo in this series next week.

Yesterday, Saturday April 16, 2016, something occurred that hasn't occurred in more than 20 years. As a matter of fact, something occurred that probably hasn't occurred in possibly as many as about 50 years.

The 20 year marker was that my two younger sisters, Lois and Denise, and I met and spent several hours together. I've seen each of them during those 20 years. They've seen each other during those 20 years, however, the three of us hadn't been together at the same time and place over those years. My, how the years have flown and how we've changed (please note, I didn't use the word “aged”). . . READ MORE

Friday, April 15, 2016

52 Weeks to a Simpler Life – Tip #30 – Buy Used and Save Money

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Buy used? You mean buy someone else's problems? How does that make my life simple. And, how will I save money? I'll end up spending a lot of money on parts and repairs.

Yes! I'm saying buy used. Certainly, there are some things it doesn't make sense to buy used, especially if they are low cost items and the difference between buying new and buying used is not significant. I usually figure I'll buy anything under $100 new. Especially, if the seller of a used item want's $50.00 to $75.00 for a used version, I'll buy the item new.

However, when you're talking about higher priced items, buying used will often save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Yes! I'm even including items that may need repairs. I've found when I'm looking for cars, professional recording & video equipment (my profession) and many other household appliances, I have probably saved way into the six figures over my lifetime. That includes any repairs I may have had to make. 

Have I ever been stuck with a lemon? Yep! However, I've owned six new vehicles out of about 24 vehicles total during my lifetime. I've had significant problems with four of the six new vehicles. Even with warranty service, they cost me both time and money. That's the nature of almost anything.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Photo-of-the-Week #258 – A Different Perspective, Duck, North Carolina, March 2008

Another water theme photo. I've always like this photo because it represents a different perspective and a kind of juxtaposition.

This photo was taken from the beach under the Duck Research Pier, US Army Corps of Engineers, Field Research Facility in early March (we call that winter) 2008. A good friend has a timeshare beach house not far from this pier that I have had the good fortune to utilize occasionally with a group of friends. . . READ MORE

Saturday, April 9, 2016

52 Weeks to a Simpler Life – Tip #29 – Take Some Staycations

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The recently coined word “staycation” has become so widely used that it was added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in 2009. The earliest tracked use of the word dates back to 2003 and was coined by a Canadian comedian. It became a fairly common word in 2008 during the economic crisis that gripped the U.S. that year.

The word simply means, instead of planning and traveling somewhere for a vacation, one simply stays at home, saves the travel expenses and occupies the time doing any number of a wide variety of activities you either procrastinate about, gloss over or, simply, never thought about taking advantage of in your particular location.

Believe it or not, most of us bypass so many opportunities in our homes and, uniquely, “in our own backyards” similar to the concept described in the classic, short book, Acres of Diamonds, by Russell Conwell. Simply put, there are all kinds of “treasures” wherever you are. We all tend to take these unrecognized treasures for granted and don't even realize their existence.

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Possible Dream

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Once again, my good friend from our college days, Greg, inspired another article for this blog.

I love and respect what Greg is doing to help people. What I pointed out to Greg, in an email response to his “email blast” this morning, became the inspiration for this article. After reading, what I defined as another exhaustive and somewhat redundant list of things someone needs to do to be successful, I said I felt confused. It left me feeling mentally exhausted and not knowing where to start.

I went on to say, if I had to wake up every morning and face a list of things like his that I have to do to take a step forward to be successful at anything, I think I'd rather enlist in the military. My life would be easier.