Monday, September 29, 2008

An Update . . .

Well, I'm back . . . again! Really haven't gone anywhere, just been busy, busy, busy.

But, I wanted to give you some updates.

#1. Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones is amazing. As you may recall in my posting back in August, I said he was very close to death. Well, my dear friend is still hanging in. He sleeps most of the time now and has a difficult time staying awake when he’s not asleep, but he just keeps going like the “Energizer Bunny.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I want Charlie around as long as he can be around – but it’s just amazing that he keeps going. And, his mind is still working on projects and ideas. He is too weak to write or answer e-mails and he’s difficult to understand over the phone since he still has no voice and whispers and is having a difficult time with his breathing. But, in general, he is in no pain from what he tells me – other then aching from the cancer in his bones. Please keep Charlie and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

2. Another very dear friend, Rosita Perez, passed away about three weeks ago. She put up a courageous battle for the past 20 years or so against a very progressive case of MS. She was a professional speaking friend and a woman who has influenced people at all stations in life around the world. She and her husband, Ray, were absolutely delightful folks with great compassion for people and a passion for touching lives in a positive way. And, each had such a fantastic sense of humor. Rosita’s in a better place, free from MS, but she leaves this world with a big hole in it. Please keep Ray and the rest of the family in your thoughts and prayers.

3. I finally met Andrea Reynolds in person. She is now on her odyssey and traveling the U.S. and Canada in her red, Ford, Econoline van. She is a very courageous woman to undertake such an adventure by herself except she has her cat, Casper with her. I hope you’ll keep her in your thoughts and prayers, too. If you’d be willing to be a stopover point for Andrea, she’d really appreciate it and love to meet you. Let me know and I’ll pass on the word.

4. I didn’t make it out to Las Vegas in August, as I had planned to do. Circumstances changed and required that I alternate my plans. So, I didn’t get a chance to meet Barbara Winter in person. I also didn’t get to meet Dave Courvoisier, a voice-over talent friend who is also the news anchor on the Las Vegas CBS affiliate station. And, of course, I didn’t make it to the New Media (podcasting) Expo I had planned to attend.

5. I’ve made the commitment and burned the bridges. I will leave the beautiful ranch I’ve lived on for the past 5 ½ years on October 31st. It is time to move on to my next life. In earlier postings about living and working free, I related that I’d be acquiring a large motor home and taking off on a several year adventure of living and working on the road as a full time RVer. That plan stands. But, I had come to the end of the long term lease I held on this property and while I have lived and enjoyed this idyllic environment, since I’m working at down-sizing, working at living simpler and in general, in these trying economic times, looking to cut costs, I decided to make the commitment, give my notice, burn the bridges and move out. So, that is the plan. There is much more to this action then I may have related in earlier postings. I will be outlining and describing exactly my plans in several phases – ending in a motor coach. Watch for this in future postings.

6. Our economy and country are in an economic crisis that just doesn’t seem to have a bottom to this pit. While I’m not an economist – by ANY stretch of anyone’s imagination – I’ve been predicting this collapse for a couple years. A number of my friends pooh-poohed me. But, here it is, and it’s bigger then I thought it would. And, of course, we didn’t just screw up our own country by the greed and power hungry robber baron – we’ve laid a path of economic disaster – like an erratic cyclone – around the globe. And, today it was determined by a bickering Congress that, as of this writing, we are not using taxpayers’ money to pull the greedy Wall Street robber baron’s fat out of the frying pan. Our country and the world have a pretty big economic mess to deal with – and who knows what’s behind this other then greed and the lust form more money. More on this topic in the near future.

That’s all for now. I hope all is going well for you – at least as well as can be under the weird issues in our country and world.


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