Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo of the Week #53 – Home of the Big Rib

One of the best parts of travel is THE FOOD! And what is more American then a slab of barbecue ribs? And there I was in the fall of 2003 in Austin, Texas on a cross Texas adventure with my visiting Kiwi brother, Brian Morris. We met up with my friends, Bill and Diane Smith in Austin who graced us with their great Texas hospitality.

Now, ribs are ribs, right? Absolutely NOT! Ribs are smoked and barbecued and there are a variety of styles of ribs, actually four main styles  – Memphis, Carolina, Kansas City and, of course, Texas. Bill and Diane took us to the “Home of the Big Rib,” The County Line. Actually, there are two restaurants in Austin, the original on the Hill and the one on the Lake. The owners expanded The County Line into a small southwest chain, but we enjoyed the original. The atmosphere is fun as you can see from the photo. The barbecue is great, needless to say and they also have live music as well. Who would have guessed, great food, great atmosphere and great music in Austin? Hey that’s what Austin is all about.

Bill knows how to pick the places. He loves food and he’s a musician himself. Bill was a recording engineer with my company in Washington, DC back in the mid 1970’s. He’s a talented guy. And, he hooked up with a terrific Texas gal, Diane, who just happens to have a little clout in the Texas State House where she has served in prestigious, executive position for a number of years. They are the kinda folks to know when you go to Austin.

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