Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo of the Week #58 - New England in the Fall, November 2007

My two favorite seasons are the spring and the fall. I love the spring when everything is just bursting back to life with the beautiful spring blossoms and flowers and trees filling out from light green to their full, robust lush green. Then there is the fall when those leaves become resplendent with beautiful red, orange, yellow, brown and green. Truly, it’s a tableau of nature’s finest work.

This photo was taken in November of 2007 near Portsmouth, NH. My focal point was the typical New England style lighthouse on the river to guide shipping and fishing boats into the small harbors along the river. But, the entire setting with the homes and other buildings behind the lighthouse and the foliage, although long past the peak color season, was still gorgeous to my eye. I guess it didn’t hurt that the sun was low in the southwestern sky providing a warm, golden light on the entire scene.

It’s almost enough to make me move there . . . except, I know that winter is not far behind. After having endured two winters in central New York State when I attended graduate school at Syracuse University, I know what’s coming and I don’t enjoy that kind of winter any longer. So, I’ll just make sure I’m up north during the late spring, summer and early to mid fall for my “return engagements.”  

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