Thursday, November 22, 2012

Top Ten Reasons To Be Thankful

Here is my Top Ten List of reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving. These are in no particular order since I find each very important in my life.

#10 The Founding Fathers, our proud Military Men and Women and the Veterans who have been willing to sacrifice for me to have my Freedom to be who I choose to be and do what I choose to do.

#9   For my Family, small as it may be, who brought me into this world, raised me and are ever supporting with their unconditional love.

#8   For my Friends, those I know personally and those who are virtual friends through the Internet. You all provide me with a local and global network of love and support. I especially include the vandwellers, full and part-time RVers, couch surfers and nomads exploring the country and the world who all inspire and motivate me.

#7   For my life and health and for those in the various medical and health/well-being professions who assist me in maintaining my precious health.

#6   For the Communities that have provided me with safe, healthy places to live and raise my son.

#5   For my Clients who provide me with the financial resources to live, provide for my family and pursue whatever part of the American Dream I choose.

#4   For the Civilian Service People who are there 24/7 to protect me, fight fires, aid in disasters, treat my injuries and illnesses and make sure I have gas for My McVansion and basic necessities, even on holidays

#3   For the talents, gifts, abilities, knowledge and experience I possess allowing me to be a productive member of society so I can give back for all that I have received.

#2   For the educators - public and private school teachers, college professors and instructors, vocational training instructors, trainers, seminar facilitators, mentors and coaches who have provided the knowledge and skills to be a proud, productive society.

#1   For all the beauty, resources and majesty of Nature on this planet that makes me wealthier than I could have ever dreamed - all part of a plan of some Devine Providence that we are each free to define for ourselves.

I have one additional item for this list. I'm personally thankful for everyone in the more then 90 countries around this planet who have taken time to view and read this blog. My motivation for writing is to share all of the experiences and wonders I've been privileged to enjoy to this time in my life. My reward is you reading it and letting me know your thoughts and feelings and sharing with me when I've touched a positive chord with you.

I hope more and more readers will subscribe, follow this blog, join the Living Free and Happy discussion group and follow my Living Free Facebook page. You can also connect with me on Twitter at @LiveandWorkFREE or on LinkedIn and Google +. Share your thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams with me and the other readers.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving no matter who or where you are this day, whether a citizen or resident of the U.S. or anywhere else in the world.  

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