Monday, December 3, 2012

#2 - 90 Seconds to Living Freer - Now, That's The American Spirit

Here are two quick stories that raise my hopes. First, and you've probably seen the clip on the news and seen the photo on the Internet. A young NYC police officer, in a selfless act, used his own money to buy a pair of boots for a homeless man who had no shoes or socks. That is what made America great and that's the spirit that a band of rag-tag immigrants bringing almost nothing to the new world used to build a great country.

The police officer wasn't looking for or expecting any reaction to or notoriety from his act of kindness toward a fellow human being. His act was captured in a photo by a tourist visiting New York. Hopefully, his example will motivate many others to selfless acts of kindness and generosity for those less fortunate.

The second story is about a 95 year old man in Amityville, New York (on Long Island) who lost his home and virtually everything he had to super storm Sandy. It was not likely this elderly gentleman was going to be able to rebuild his home. A building contractor learned of his plight and gathered a band of volunteers and the materials and rebuilt the man's home and gave him a new lease on life. Another example of the  spirit that built this country and made it great.

This is the way it should be done. Neighbors, friends and even strangers helping one another when a disaster strikes. It's not the government's responsibility. The government makes great promises, but they are an inefficient machine when it comes to getting things of this nature and magnitude done. Additionally, the government penalizes everyone by using taxpayer funds designated for other things leaving the country as a whole in a bigger hole.

These are only two stories and acts of kindness and generosity. There are literally thousands of these acts everyday. They go unnoticed by the public at large. If each of us would donate a little time, some resources, some of our talents or gifts and, if we have any, some surplus cash. A little goes a long way.  If only half the population contributed $10 each there would be a fund of over a billion and a half dollars. That certainly won't replace everything lost, but along with the time and other resources, it's surely a good start,. This is how America should work. This is why we were great and can be again. 

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