Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#3 - 90 Seconds to Living Freer - It's ALL About The Dream!

A few minutes ago I watched a young woman by the name of Cassadee Pope, from Florida, win the NBC television talent competition known as "The Voice." I've seen just about every one of the shows since the earliest competitions. Not only was the show well produced and very entertaining, especially if you enjoy all kinds of music, but I found it to be very inspirational. And, by the way, the first and second runner-ups were every bit as talented and winners in their own right.

Every single person who auditioned for the show had a dream. That word "dream" may have been one of the most, if not THE most, used word on the show. I relate to that. You can't live free and love everything you do if you don't have a dream. Most people have dreams, many of those dreams seem to diminish in size as they grow through childhood, adolescence into adulthood and mature.

It's similar to the movie "Pleasantville," where a couple teenagers "magically" end up in TV sitcom about a town named Pleasantville back in the days when television was black and white. Everything is drab and mundane. The two teenagers begin to shake things up and the TV town of Pleasantville starts changing and ultimately becomes vibrant, full living color and everyone in the town is transformed.

That's what dreams need to be - vibrant full-color. Your freedom and my freedom depends on how alive and vibrant our dreams are. Living Free is a full-color experience. That's what I was witnessing on "The Voice." The tens of thousands of singing artists who auditioned had BIG dreams and they were in full living color. Sure, when the final show aired tonight only one of the people who started chasing their dreams, ultimately, was named "The Voice." However, all the finalists, semi-finalists and those before them can still achieve their dreams. It's a big world and it needs everyone of us and our particular talent, gift, skill, expertise and knowledge. And, it needs OUR dreams.

I hope you have some big dreams. They don't have to be about money or material things. They can be about helping people, creating art, teaching others . . . doing something that you love so much that you are willing to go after it with a vengeance. Don't sell yourself out. Don't settle for being "just" a wage slave living a drab, black and white existence. Keep that dream in the forefront of your consciousness in full living color. You may not realize it today or tomorrow, but if you don't give up, you will realize your dreams and you and the world will be better for it.  

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