Sunday, February 3, 2013

Road Trip #1 - The First Nomadic Odyssey Trip of 2013

Road Trip! Road Trip! Road Trip!

Yes, it's time to get out there on the highways and byways. This trip is a spontaneous trip with my old Air Force buddy. He lives in northern Virginia, just a couple miles from the Pentagon and Washington, DC. He needs a change of scenery. Likewise, for me, it's time to leave the base camp in West Virginia.

So, tomorrow morning I'll leave base camp and head to rendezvous with Dave at his northern Virginia location. As soon as I arrive, we'll park My McVansion and transfer my travel gear to his mini-van and head out. We expect to be on the road by 2 PM. And where are we going? South! We're definitely heading south. We both seem to have focused in on partaking in some Gullah food and learning more about the Gullahs of the low-country along the South Carolina and Georgia coast and barrier islands.

We have no specific plan or defined destination. We'll start off with a short stop in the Norfolk area to hopefully visit with a friend we haven't seen in a long time. Then it's down to Myrtle Beach. We'll go on to Charleston and Beaufort, South Carolina with the possibility of reaching Savannah, Georgia before heading back up to the congested "north."

This is going to be a short trip. We'll probably only be on the road for about six days this time. My last trip was back in October to Chicagoland on a revenue generating trip. Some of the revenue from that Chicago trip will finance this trip. I'm planning to capture lots of photos and some video. I've been to Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Beaufort and Savannah before, but I'm hoping to look for new graphic images from this trip, especially since we'll be focusing on the Gullah culture.

Stay tuned for posts along the way on this trip.

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