Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Comment About Comments

This post doesn't follow my regular posting content. Basically, it's simply a minor rant on my part about the "Spam Comments" that continue to come through and that I delete. Fortunately, I have a good spam comment filter and it catches most of them before they make it to the eyes of the general public.

Here's the deal - DON'T SEND SPAM COMMENTS!!!!

A spam comment is one that is sent for only one reason, to draw readers of this blog (and other quality blogs) to all kinds of bogus Web sites and blogs.  They are always from "Anonymous" - whoever that is. They always end with some like "View my Site:", "See my Web Page:", "Read my Blog:" or similar with a link or URL to some, usually nefarious Web site or blog that is either off topic, selling something, a porn site or has a nasty little virus, Trojan or worm to download to unsuspecting people who click on that link or URL. They are often poorly composed and obviously not from native English speaking people. And, finally, they are either rude, make absolutely no sense or are so ridiculously generic that they apply to anything written by anyone. And some of them are so off topic they are laughable in a pathetic way.

I have purposely not put a "word verification" security requirement on my blog specifically to make it easy for anyone with a valid comment to make their statement easily. However, as the blog has grown and attracted more and more viewers, so have the "spam comments." While I'd like to believe my short rant today is going to stop some of the "spam comments," I am not going to delude myself into believing that spammers have any ethics or scruples. So, I'm going to leave the comments as they are a while longer, but I hope those of you who have valid comments won't be inconvenienced enough to cause you not to comment if/when I add the "word verification" security.

Here's the game plan - and just about every legitimate comment already complies with these rules:

1. DO NOT reply as "Anonymous." That's virtually a dead giveaway to the spam filter to put your comment in the spam box.

2. If you must use "Anonymous," sign your comment with a real name. A first name, a first name and last initial, your full name or a recognizable nickname you use regularly on the Web.

3. DO NOT put any of the See My Web site, blog, etc. lines in your comment and add some kind of nebulous or nefarious link or URL.

Aside: I don't mind having my readers migrate to your blog or some other site that has valuable information related to the subject of the post - but just don't blatantly try to STEAL readers. It's just unethical and not nice. I won't try to steal yours. I like helping other bloggers and I appreciate all the assistance I get from other bloggers in building my blog - but that's called cooperation not theft. Also, if you have your profile set up correctly, when you set up to comment, you can have your blog or Web site URL embedded in your profile name and photo when it appears with your comment and anyone who is interested can click on your photo or profile name and it will take someone directly to your site.

Thanks to all my loyal and ethical readers. I sincerely appreciate your comments regardless of whether you agree or disagree with my thoughts. But, if one of these "spam comments" gets past me once in a while, I'd appreciate a quick note letting me know so I can take it down and not allow it to cause you or any other readers to be inconvenienced or, worse yet, hit with a nasty virus, Trojan or worm.

My most sincere thanks and appreciation for granting me some of you precious time to read my words.

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