Sunday, April 28, 2013

Photo-of-the-Week #104 - Contrasts In Nature, near Reno, Nevada, June 2006

The photo was shot around Memorial Day weekend in June 2006 in the mountains near Reno, Nevada, probably in the Carson City vicinity. I couldn't help but to be drawn to the unique, one of a kind and only for a limited time, snow sculpture created by, in my opinion, the greatest artist of all time, Mother Nature. I felt fortunate to capture this fleeting piece of Mother Nature's creativity since, it most likely would have been gone forever by the next day or the day after.

The other thing that struck me was the stark contrast of the fresh. rapidly growing, spring reincarnation of the grass and other flora in the area around this snow sculpture. It's always a special time for me as the grass, trees and flowers all are reborn after a winter hibernation.

Of course, this rebirth happens at different times depending on where on the Earth you happen to be. Where I am currently located, it's late April and all the grasses are a deep, lush green and the trees are alive with the light green of the early growth of leaves and the pastel rainbow of pink, lilac, red, white and other color blossoms. I guess my one great, ongoing wish is to always see one more spring.

Other places in the world won't experience the rebirth for another month or two, at least. And, of course, in one lives in the southern hemisphere, the end is passing as the resplendent autumn colors signal the beginning of another period of hibernation.

One side note that I want to make is that this is the 104th Photo-of-the-Week post on the blog. That's two full years of photo posting without missing a week. And, at this juncture, there is no end in sight.

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