Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo-of-the-Week #109 - Gullah Grub, St. Helena Island, South Carolina, February 2013

This was exactly why we went on this adventure, to find some Gullah cuisine. The Gullah culture, similar to the to Creoles from Louisiana, are the descendants of West African slaves. They lived in the region from Cape Fear, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida. According to many, the Gullah are disappearing or more realistically they are assimilating. St. Helena Island, the location of the Gullah Grub Restaurant in this photo is, according to what we learned, one of the last communities where the Gullah culture can be found. It's a small area where time has been suspended.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the Gullah Grub Restaurant. The food was simple, yet distinctively different. And as you can tell from the outside, the decor was also very simple.

Interestingly, this year's new American Idol, the winner of the reality TV talent show for vocalists, is a young woman, Candace Glover, an amazing singer from St. Helena Island. It was fun watching Candace progress through the American Idol competition knowing about her culture and heritage. Having just been to her home town, I was voting her. Of course, it didn't hurt that, as I said, she is an amazingly talented singer.  

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