Sunday, July 14, 2013

Photo-of-the-Week - On The Beach, Tulum, Mexico, September 2003

Ah! The beach. There is something very primal and soothing about spending time at the beach. This morning I received an email feed that listed "The Best Things In Life." The little commentary that the preceded the list stated "the best things in life are free." Well, first it depends on how one defines free and, secondly, finding "free" is getting harder and harder to do these days. Remember, "There are no free lunches."

At any rate, as I read down the list, I found one of the items simply said, "The Beach." Setting aside the cost to get to the beach, staying at the beach and other related expenses directly attributable to having access to the beach, there is truly something special about being at the beach. This particular beach is on the Caribbean Sea off the southern tip of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. And, while you can't see the color of the water from this angle (I have other photos that will appear here one day displaying the water from a higher angle) it is a beautiful aqua color crystal clear to the sea floor.

This group of beach and sun revelers was all members of tour groups visiting the ancient ruins of the Mayan city of Tulum located on a bluff overlooking this site. After wandering around the ruins in the hot sun, folks wandered down the path to this protected beach, stripped off their clothes revealing the bathing suits they concealed under them (although a few simply went bathing in their skivvies) and took to the gorgeous, warm tropical water. As far as we were all concerned, the beach was free.

At spontaneous moments like this one sets aside all thoughts of the time, distance and expense that were involved in this opportunity to frolic in the sun, sand and surf. I can certainly understand where the dream came from of giving up the hustle and bustle and the conveniences of modern civilization and migrating to some beautiful spot like this. Perhaps it would be best on a small island with few people, no noise other than nature and the constant beauty of the primal sea from whence we all emerged millions of years ago.

Maybe there is more truth than we realize in our busy, modern lives in the concept that "the best things in life (truly) are free." 

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