Sunday, May 4, 2014

Photo-of-the-Week #157 Herb's Limestone Country Club, Limestone, Florida, January 2014

This photo is the first Photo-of-the-Week of the third year of this series. The previous 156 photos were posted on my main Living Free blog. Eventually, I'll have an archival index on this site that will allow you to look back at the first three years. But, that will take a bit of time, so for now, you can just go to the Living Free blog and check the archives there if you'd like to look up any past Photos-of-the-Week.

Herb's Limestone Country Club is located in Limestone Florida not too far from Arcadia. My friend, Tommy, a former vandweller, boatdweller and a current biker and housedweller with a 22' Winnebago motorhome from Port Charlotte, Florida, brought me to this exotic location. Herb's Limestone Country Club is one of numerous "biker bars" located all over the state of Florida. There is a special kind of ambiance in places like this . . . Read More

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