Monday, January 26, 2015

Ed & The Aberts: Van Dwelling & Cargo Conversion - A Video Documentary

So, during my lifetime I've been interviewed on the radio, TV and local cable TV channels. Now, by introducing the new video documentary, Ed & TheAberts: Van Dwelling & Cargo Conversion, I become an international YouTube video star.

Okay, I'll keep my ego in check. This video interview footage was shot back in December (2014) and was just released today to the public (yesterday, by the time many of you will read this). Michael Tubbs, the producer, released his first YouTube documentary, in what appears to be an ongoing series about the "mobile lifestyle." Michael is exploring this unique, I'll call it a, sub-culture of people who choose to live their lives as location independent, nomadic individuals. Perhaps they are somewhat akin to the Gypsies in Europe.

The people who make up this sub-culture range from those who are living on the road in cars, vans, campers and RV's by circumstance to those who are professionals, many with multiple degrees in a variety of fields. The common denominator is that whether by circumstance or choice, they are all mobile and do not have a fixed residence. For all practical intents and purposes, living in a fixed location and residence is considered the normal lifestyle in the United States and most countries around the world.

Michael and I were in contact very shortly after the release of his first YouTube documentary on the subject, Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile Living. Since I was heading west from West Virginia to the west coast for the winter with a stop in northeast Arkansas to visit friends, Michael suggested he meet me there and shoot the footage for his second documentary on the lifestyle. I was visiting with my long time friend and book designer, Craig and his wife, Julie. Craig is also an over the road truck driver for one of the major national freight carriers. Michael thought that would be another interesting perspective on this mobile lifestyle. Unfortunately, Craig wasn't available for the video shoot. My other friends, John and Sharon Abert, I met through my blog and email. We have become good friends. John and Sharon were interested in being a part of this experience. Since they are in the process of downsizing, preparing to sell their home and go on the road full-time in a utility trailer John is converting into their home on wheels, their story presents another perspective.

So, the die was cast. The players were all lined up, the date set and the rest is now history. We shared an evening and a day together. It was busy with a lot of discussion and then the video rolling and capturing me and the Aberts. We covered a lot of territory and, of course a lot of it ended up, as the old movie line goes, "on the cutting room floor." But, Michael did a very fine job of pulling out the essence of what the three of us had to say about our lives, lifestyles and philosophies. He also included tours of My McVansion (my personally designed and converted van into my micro-condo on wheels) and John and Sharon's plans for their utility trailer, currently under construction.

There are always some things left out that one would have wanted left in. As you watch the video you'll hear me say that I am living well, happily with everything I need and want (maybe still too much) under the poverty level. I feel it's important to point out that I am not living this lifestyle by circumstance. I am living this lifestyle 100% by choice. I live under, what the government has labeled, the poverty level because I CAN. I don't have a need or a desire to spend anymore than I have to in order to live comfortably, eat well, enjoy exploring the U.S. (and eventually Canada and possibly parts of Mexico) and enjoy all the people I visit and meet along the journey. I say again, this is a lifestyle choice.

So, I hope you'll watch and enjoy the documentary and make comments in the comment section and/or comments here on the blog or both if you're so inclined. You can also comment on Facebook or my Google + pages as well.

And now, on with the show.  


seeinsilver said...

Great video Ed. Thanks to Michael for shooting this sharing it with everyone.

Ed Helvey - Location Independent Traveler said...

Thanks, Jimmy! It was fun working with Michael. And the Aberts are a hoot, too, Formerly friends through the blog and now, like you, friends in person.


Bubba Sinclair said...

ed: good luck with the heart transplant in your mcvansion, even after all the frustration. i really enjoyed your video shown here, and i like following your site. when you are back this way you always have a place to park and a dock to relax on. i admire what you are doing. take care.

redington shores, fl

Ed Helvey - Location Independent Traveler said...

Thanks, Bubba (love the name ;-)

Glad you enjoyed the video and I definitely look forward to my next visit to Redington Shores, FL. The van is just a bump in the road - better than having something like this happen 50 miles out to sea, huh?