Saturday, August 8, 2015

Planning And Plotting, The Best Is Yet To Come

A while back I wrote about the fact that I hadn't been posting as much recently as I had in the past and that I was regrouping. I believe I wrote that while I was still out west on the last trek. So, what's up with my rather infrequent article posts on the blog? Have I run out of wind? Have I exhausted all the possible topics I could write on? Have I lost interest? As Bugs Bunny would say, "Eh, what's up, Doc?"

Well the answers to all of the above questions are, I've been reevaluating and planning, No, No, No, No and lots of new things. Did you figure that out?

So, here's the deal. I have long lists of topics to write about. Most of these topics are things I like to get deep into and that means research time, time to write and edit and most importantly, the time it takes for you to read it. I've talked about how time is my most important and priceless commodity. So, if I'm going to invest the time to research and write the posts, I certainly want to know that someone, and more specifically, you, is willing to invest the time to read the articles and hopefully gain some insight or a point or idea or two you can apply to yourself and your life. However, just as I value my time, I respect and value your time. I know if I send out too much, you'll grow weary of expending and granting that time to me.

So, I've been reading, researching, studying and listening to podcasts from various sources about how to be a more effective blogger. Yes, I blog because I like to research, opine and write. But, I also blog for you. I don't expect to change who you are. I don't expect to become your guru (I'm no one's guru). I simply want to write enough to inspire you, present some ideas you may want to apply in your life and have the fulfilling knowledge I'm contributing to a better life and world for anyone seeking it.

Additionally, I'm not financially independent. Like most people, I need to create revenue sources and streams that allow me to pursue my new (over the past decade) love of writing. So, while I have no pretense of my blog or any of my writings (or the upcoming podcasts) making me a wealthy man, I am hoping to realize some monetizaton (the new buzz word in the blogging and podcasting arena) to support my efforts. In order to do that, I have to "serve" you, my reader the best way I can by fulfilling your needs and interests.

The Weekly Schedule

To this end, while I'll continue to write informally, conversationally and topically, I'm adopting some basic professional techniques. I'm currently formulating a calendar or schedule that will provide a variety of forms of information, some, longer form and others shorter form. There's too much detail to go into regarding this process, but suffice to say I am aiming to make this blog more interesting and fulfilling.

I have been talking about doing a podcast for a long time. Here I am, a 50 year veteran professional audio and video producer and engineer and I've yet to turn out something that comes to me as naturally as sleeping and eating. I have to figure how I'm going to format the podcast and the kind of information I'll provide through it. I realize some people would rather read information while others prefer to listen while they are doing something else. I'm hoping you'll take me along when you're walking, jogging, working out, driving or doing other day to day life activities.

Political Correctness

I'll warn you now. I am NOT politically correct. I've realized in the past I've actually pulled a lot of my thoughts or changed them in order not to offend anyone. I'm not being true to myself nor am I being true to you. So, if you expect political correctness in the future, this may not be the blog for you.

Please don't misconstrue what I'm suggesting here. I have no intention of using defamatory language or slurs or specifically denigrating any group of people based on any of the number of things we always talk about in disclaimers. However, I'm going to call it as I see it. You don't have to agree. I do discriminate, because it's my personal and natural right to discriminate, but I consider myself to be color blind, racially unbiased, religiously tolerant, etc., etc.

I am a WYSIWIG guy. What you see is what you get. I love people. I loathe stupidity (that does not mean someone who wasn't blessed with whatever level of intellectual capability I may have and I know I'm not the brightest light bulb in the chandelier). I think you get the point. I'm not as brash as "The Donald" but I'm not a "pussy" like so many of the candidates seeking seats in government elected offices.

More To Come      

So, there is more to come. You have probably seen some changes occurring on the 2LiveFreely blog already. With my buddy, Dave's, graphic assistance we're working on improving the appearance and readability of the blog. Those changes will continue. I'll be revising information on most of the additional pages listed along the right side of the main text.

I now have some ads appearing on the blog, but I will continue to limit the amount of landscape they take up and hopefully, they'll be relevant. I've also moved my Amazon link to all the pages including the landing page. Thank everyone who has used my link to make purchases. As you know, it doesn't cost you any more to use my link than if you go directly to Amazon, but it does help me to keep the blog going. Since I am not compensated by Amazon if I use my own link, I go to other people's blogs and use their links so they gain some benefit from my purchases.

Short Survey

To wrap up this article, I'd like to conduct an informal survey. I'm just going to do it here through the blog and not use one of the online survey services we've all probably received from other sources.

I'd like to ask three simple questions. You can reply by commenting on the blog or emailing me directly to or go to my Facebook Fan Page (and please like it if you haven't already, I'd appreciate it, there's a link on this page) and leave your responses there.

Q#1. How did you find, discover or how were introduced to this blog?

Q#2. Do you find the blog informative, educational, entertaining and have you made any minor or major life changes or realized any other gains because of something you read here?

Q#3. What do you want from this blog - topics, ideas, resources or anything that would help you in your life journey?

Your responses don't have to be long. Just simple, direct responses to give me an idea of the direction I need to go with the future articles and features of the blog (and podcasts for that matter).

I also have a forum (the link is on the right side of this page - Living Free) that I really want to get activated with relevant discussions about whatever you're looking for in your life? I'd like to pose one "Big Question" each week for anyone to contribute their thoughts to, but you may pose your own and start as many threads as possible. The more people we have participating the more interesting and informative it will become.

It's my plan and hope to expand the reader base (that's already worldwide) and serve more people, but only those seeking to live personally freer and happier lives in a pretty complex and increasingly unfree world.

Thanks for your time reading my blog and assisting me in doing a better job for you.

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