Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wouldn't It Be Nice . . .

  • if it is sunny all but two days every month
  • if all our neighbors are nice
  • if there is no crime or violence
  • if everyone has all they need to eat
  • if everyone has a secure, adequate size place to live
  • if everyone has nice clothing appropriate to the climate
  • if everyone earns a living doing something that's fun and suits him or her
  • if everyone has a good, useful education
  • if everyone respects each other
  • if everyone has all basic needs met
  • if everyone enjoys a few luxuries
  • if everyone has a warm, close relationship with family
  • if everyone has numerous friends to share time and interests with
  • if everyone has friends and family who can be counted on in times of need
  • if there are no racial divides
  • if there are no religious divides
  • if there are no political divides
  • if everyone doesn't care who one chooses or doesn't choose as a life partner
  • if everyone would set goals and achieve them
  • if money is never an issue or problem
  • if everyone has good health and is in good physical condition
  • if greed isn't a primary motivating factor in life
  • if corruption doesn't exist
  • if everyone doesn't care what anyone's national origin is
  • if there is no war
  • if there is no motivation to have the most powerful military in the world
  • if everyone can leave the house door unlocked and find everything there when you return
  • if everyone can leave cars unlocked and not fear they will be stolen
  • if all children can play outside, walk to school or local stores without fear 
  • if everyone has a place in society, feels fulfilled and contributes value
  • if everyone earns a fair financial compensation based on his or her contribution to society
  • if everyone is respected for the role each plays and contributions made
  • if everyone doesn't fight and argue over petty things
  • if government is small and limited to maintaining an orderly society
  • if there is no need for massive prisons and incarceration
  • if everyone takes personal responsibility and is accountable for his or her own actions
  • if an economic system exists where prices aren't inflated requiring more money to buy the same amount of merchandise
  • if everyone focuses on love for each other, there's no use for the word hate
  • if discrimination is about liking chocolate ice cream better than vanilla or chocolate chip cookies better than oatmeal cookies
  • if everyone honors everyone else's differences

Would you care to add to this list?

Of course! This is never going to be. This would be a Utopian world. Such a Utopia would likely be a very boring place.

Differences, in so many of the items I listed and that you may want to add to the list, is what makes it such an interesting world to live in. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to observe this planet and humanity from afar? What would you make of it all?

In my humble opinion, you can't really live free in this life or world if you don't embrace as many of the items in the list as possible. However, no one is capable of being perfect. As a matter of fact, there isn't one single person in the entire population of over seven billion on the Earth who doesn't have at least one flaw . . . and probably several. Actually, perfection is boring. All the people I know who claim to be perfect are correct. They are perfect bores.

Here's a game plan. What can each of us do, if we individually attack specific items from the list and work to make them reality, at least in the part of the world we each inhabit. How many of these “Wouldn't it be nice . . .” premises can we actually affect and realize if we set out to make “our” world a better place? How many people would begin to think of you as a genuinely nice person and want to spend time with you? One of the greatest gratifications I humbly enjoy is the number of people who invite me to share time with them because they genuinely value me and my company. I believe a major part of the reason they accept, value and respect me is because I feel the same about them. Remember the old Golden Rule? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” There are newer, more negative versions of the Golden Rule. Don't buy into them.

So, the chances are, you, me and all those we like, love, value and respect will never turn this into a Utopian world. However, within our own sphere of influence and personal freedom, we can create a lot of small Utopias where we can dwell and enjoy a very satisfying, fulfilling and happy life. I tend to think this infectious and could go viral. Who knows, maybe we CAN change the world for the better.

Live free & be happy. EH


Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Ed.

Wouldn't it be nice if ... we all turned our attention toward what we want, and gave no energy at all to what we don't want?

Thanks for asking this question in this way!


Ed Helvey - Location Independent Traveler said...

Absolutely, Roxanne.

I've been pondering a lot of "what if" questions lately. Thanks for adding another dimension.

Live free and be happy,

Richard Rosen said...

We can change what we set our minds to. We are in charge of and are co-creators of how our lives unfold.

Richard Rosen said...

Good Luck Duck: You have packaged it well: "Wouldn't it be nice if ... we all turned our attention toward what we want, and gave no energy at all to what we don't want?"

Ed Helvey - Location Independent Traveler said...

Absolutely, Richard.

But that's not REALLY what we're taught or conditioned to in our formative years. Some of us hear some rhetoric to that effect, but the actions don't follow for the vast majority. And unfortunately, for most - "too soon we grow old, too late we grow smart."

Live free and be happy,

Good Luck Duck said...

All so true. What a change of habit to begin seeing the world in this way.