Monday, July 24, 2017

Happiness – 15 Ways To Defeat Happiness

Wow! How's that for a headline – a negative approach to a positive state of being.

I know, I'm usually trying to give you points, tips and ideas to encourage you in your quest to live personally freer, happier and more joyful. Well, here is a reality, most of us, with few exceptions, are our own worst enemies and we don't know it.

What,” you say. “I'm working diligently on living a positive, productive and simple life. Doesn't this result in happiness and joyfulness?" Of course, like so many aspects of life, this can be paradoxical.

As you are likely aware, I read (and listen and watch) many blogs (and podcasts and YouTube vlogs) in my own constant search for ideas and answers to questions about life. Of course I have my own continual quest for personal development going on. No one has the perfect life and formula, but we all are in different places in our lifetime journey and agenda.

So, some time ago I discovered the blog of a young woman who has found her own unique path to financial security. Over a six or seven year period, she has developed a monthly income well in excess of $100,000.00. This year she's on target to generate, probably between 1.6 and 2 million dollars for her annual revenue. Not bad, huh? And she hasn't even reached 30 years of age, yet. She and her husband are debt free. They live on the road, full-time in a motor home and travel across the U.S. They have the kind of lifestyle many of us dream about, but still don't believe we can achieve and enjoy.

But, before we get off track, I want to tell you that it's not about the money. Money is nice to have and certainly makes life more comfortable, convenient and pleasurable. But, money in and of itself does not necessarily result in personal freedom and therefore, happiness is not usually bought with money. Perhaps, it buys some security and fleeting moments of pleasure. And that's where I want to move into the “15 Habits That Are Hurting Your Happiness,” as addressed by Michelle Shroeder-Gardner. Here they are:

  1. Making negative judgments about someone
  2. Listening poorly
  3. Not getting enough exercise
  4. Maintaining a poor diet
  5. Mismanaging your money
  6. Staying in a job you hate
  7. Ignoring your own personal development
  8. Failing to plan your life
  9. Acting like a victim or being too reactionary
  10. Saying “yes” to things when you want to say “no”
  11. Isolating yourself
  12. Staying in toxic relationships
  13. Comparing yourself to others
  14. Not giving yourself enough down time
  15. Living life according to someone else's rules

If you can look at that list and honestly tell yourself you are not practicing some of these negative behaviors and habits, then you're probably leading a perfect life and don't need ideas, tips or advice from anyone. More realistically, your probably practicing several, if not most, of these habits that are negating the happiness you seek.

I could expound on each of these points myself. Being honest with myself, first, and with you, I'm guilty of practicing each one of them at some point during my life including some of them presently. However, I'm going to send you to Michelle's blog, “Making Sense of Cents,” to get her take on these 15 negative practices.

While you're there, you'll probably find some other information including how she generates her monthly income. Maybe you're looking for a way to develop a “side hustle,” as she calls the various ways she makes her income.

Let me know what you learn and what you think. Everyday we must learn something new. Live free and be happy. EH 

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RonHurst said...

I've found that I can relate to 10 of the 15 elements. Thanks for the post. Ron H.