Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Change is Good!

Every once in a while things need to change. Just as my mother would change the arrangement of the living room furniture at least a couple times a year, so do I feel compelled to make some changes to the appearance of my blog? I also like to add something new from time to time. There are a variety of reasons for changing the blog. Mostly the changes are designed to make the layout more eye appealing and hopefully easier to read.

You’ll notice that the body of the blog text is now wider. There is a column on the right and the left now. The column on the right will provide information about the blog, ways to subscribe and other utility functions. The left column will provide space for adding ads and sponsors to help finance the activities of The Professional Nomad.

Across the top between the blog description and the body of the blog you’ll see tabs that will lead you to new pages. These pages will be static, although as something changes, I’ll be making modifications, additions and deletions on the various pages. I’m currently creating detailed information, for those interested, about various facets of the expanded blog about its focus, my activities and myself.

I’m interested in your impressions of the changes and any suggestions you may care to offer about making it more user friendly. The various pages will be launched over the next week. I’ll also be announcing some other changes and additions over the next month. Thanks for checking in and viewing my thoughts. I hope you’ve gained something that has assisted you in your life and your quest for living free.


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