Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo of the Week #42 – Historic Downtown Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is both charming and historic. A travel buddy and I spent a few days in Charleston in December of 2004. It is a delightful southern city with elegance and charm. It’s also where the first battle of the bloody American Civil War was fought by Union forces from Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor signaling the beginning of the four year war.

We had the opportunity of staying in a converted carriage house near the waterfront that was historical, quaint, comfortable and charming. The two-room unit had a brick wall separating the sitting and sleeping areas with a shared fireplace between the two rooms. Frankly, I would have preferred having a gal friend with me. The romantic atmosphere was wasted on two old Air Force buddies.

Charleston is a great walking city. It’s easy to get around and there is a lot to see. We especially enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and selection of foods. If you’ve never been to Charleston be sure to find a restaurant where you can sample real Gullah cuisine. The Gullah folks are considered by most to be the best example of African-American culture where much of the African language is still part of their daily lives. The Gullah cuisine is much like the Creole cuisine, unique in its own way. Personally, I enjoyed leaving the city of Charleston and going to a nearby suburb where we found a small, family style restaurant serving this localized cuisine mainly to the local folks of Gullah origin. I always attempt to avoid the chain and touristy restaurants in favor of local places. That’s where you experience “Americana.” 

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