Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo of the Week #43 – Cozumel, Mexico Shoreline at Early Evening

 One of the great pleasures of life. A sunset cruise along the shore of Cozumel, Mexico on a sailing catamaran with unlimited Tequila and Bahama Mamas. That’s the setting for this photo taken in September 2003.

What more is there to tell. It was festive and fun with lots of other folks enjoying the experience. Cozumel is, of course, one of the big tourist destinations of Mexico and I think I’ve already established that I’m not really all that fond of touristy destinations. However, I also subscribe to the philosophy of “When in Rome, or in this case, Cozumel . . .” I was only there for a day or so and I have to admit that since it was a new and different experience I made the very best of it and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

This photo was taken with my old 35mm camera and converted to a digital image after the fact. Nine years ago I was just beginning to convert to digital photography. Once I made the transition, just like audio recording, I’ve never looked back. Poor Kodak. Someday people will wonder what Paul Simon was singing about in his song, ”Kodachrome.”

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