Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo of the Week #44 – Lake Murray, South Carolina

Here is a morning picture of beautiful Lake Murray in South Carolina. This shot was taken from the dock of my long time friends’, Al and Margaret Walker, home in Chapin, South Carolina. This is the view that Al and Margaret wake up to every morning. Looks like another piece carved out of Heaven. It brought back fond memories of my life for a few years on the shore of Lake Holiday, though my lake was much smaller.

Lake Murray was constructed in the 1930’s as a resource for generating hydroelectricity. It’s a wonderful recreation area today bordered by several small towns and many lovely homes. It’s also just a short drive from Columbia, the state capital. The lake is 41 miles long and 14 miles wide at the widest and has an area of 78 square miles. With 649 miles of shoreline there is plenty of room for lots of folks and lots of great water sports as well as wildlife and fishing.

I stayed with Al and Margaret in May of 2010 while I recorded and directed Al for the production of his two audio books, The Sheep Thief, published by Tremendous Life Books and Thinking Big and Living Large, published by Al’s own publishing company. It was tough duty living there at the lake for several days. But, that’s the life of a nomadic, itinerant audio producer. Just keep it coming. 

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