Friday, October 19, 2012

Off On Another Revenue Generating Trip!

This is a short post, today. I'm preparing to leave momentarily for the Windy City on another of my Living Free Revenue Generating junkets. I'll be on the road about a week - about 3-4 will actually involve "work."

But, I thought I'd pass this along. I read a number of blogs from others who provide good information and inspire me. The other day I received this from Marelisa Fabrega from you blog Dare to Live Fully.

The title of her post is "99 Powerful Questions to Ask to Turbo Charge Your Life." These are thought provoking questions and definitely worth the time to read over and find the ones you NEED to ask yourself if you're looking to live free or freer and happier. Here's the link -

I hope you have some powerful answers to these questions that will propel you forward toward whatever you are seeking in life. 

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