Monday, November 19, 2012

#1 - 90 Seconds to Living Freer - Simplifying Idea - "Use Technology"

Allow me to introduce a new Living Free blog feature. Each week I'm going to provide you with an idea that will assist you to live freer. Each of these ideas will take 90 seconds or less to read and digest. Some of the ideas you may have already implemented. Some you may have partially implemented. Some you may have rejected for one reason or another. And, some you just haven't thought of or considered.

Today's idea is fairly broad-based, however, once implemented it will save you time, money, space and make your life simpler resulting in you living freer. Since this idea has numerous facets I'll introduce the broad idea and in later posts I'll get more specific.

So, here's the tip.


I told you it was a very broad-based idea. Believe it or not, many people are technophobes. They're afraid they can't learn how to use many of the technologies available to everyone today. Some folks don't want to give up the old tried and proven ways they've done things for years. Many just resist change because resisting change seems to be a pretty common thing, especially if you're part of an older generation.

Technology comes in many forms including desk top computers, laptop computers, netbook computers, tablets/iPads and smart phones, to mention only a few. Chances are you're already using one or more of these technological marvels, especially since you're reading this blog. But, are you getting the most out of the technology you have and can you gain more living free advantage by adding more, like an advanced smart phone? A smart phone or iPhone may currently be the most productive piece of technology you can adopt. More next time.

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