Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Mickey V" In The Snow

So, it's been a little less than three years since I've been around any serious accumulation of the cold, white, powdery stuff. I've used this location in West Virginia as my eastern base camp. It's snowed north, east, south and west of this location I'm currently at with no significant snowfall for the past (approx) 14 months. And even before that, since the snow event affectionately and appropriately called "Snowmageddon" during the winter of December 2009/2010 while I was in my old home area of Winchester, Virginia, I've managed to dodge the bullet.

But, alas, there is a saying about "into everyone's life a little rain must fall." I guess that can just as easily apply to snow. So, here is a shot taken at about 3:00 PM this afternoon of "My McVansion" covered in snow. I don't think you have to look too closely to see the grid caused by shooting through a window screen from inside a nice warm house. Actually, I shot it from the room I use as my "office" in my friend's house. The camera was my handy-dandy Kodak Zi8 flash memory camcorder with a still camera function. I quickly imported into Adobe PhotoShop Elements 9.0 to adjust the color balance, contrast, light levels and sharpness and viola, the photo.

Actually, I went out a bit earlier today removed some of the snow from the windows, backed the van down the road 75 feet or so, turned it around and backed it into its current position, just slightly off the paved road. I can say one thing at this time. I'm glad I'm not on the road somewhere caught in this storm. I have not winterized, nor do I plan to, the interior of the van for freezing temperatures and snowy conditions. I've dealt with large amounts of snow and extreme cold temperatures before in my lifetime (snow over my head - as an adult - and cold down to -32 degrees Fahrenheit). So, I will be prepared to handle the situation in an emergency. But, my plan for this kind of weather is to be as far from it as I can and stay in the warmer climates until the temps and weather moderate in the other parts of the country.

You gotta admit, though, it is pretty.

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