Saturday, March 9, 2013

Opportunities - Revisited

I posted an article on March 2, 2013 about "Opportunities." It seemed to hit a chord with some people. Of course, that's always my intention. Interestingly, as I stated in that article, and I quote myself, "I have been blessed with a never-ending stream of opportunities. Many of them changed my life. Many of them took me in directions I had never thought about or contemplated." A few days later, on March 6th, I recalled a phone conversation and linking up with someone on LinkedIn from a small town in Texas back in mid-November of 2011. At that time, I mentioned to this new LinkedIn contact that three years earlier I had left my old life on my ranch in the Shenandoah Valley, wound things down with my book publishing business and began my new life as a location independent, wandering nomad to seek out the next exciting phase and opportunity of my life.

Okay, I've had a few false starts since I left the ranch and the old life. Remember, I said that all opportunities don't necessarily turn into achievements and successes. Some opportunities fail. However, some time ago I adopted an attitude that even when something fails, I win. I ALWAYS win. The simple reason I win is because I always gain valuable experience, knowledge and information I can put to use with something else at a later date. Also, an opportunity may present itself and you're just not ready for it. When you are ready, it may not still be available to you. Believe me, I've missed that boat any number of times over the years.

The opportunity that presented itself nearly a year and a half ago with this gentleman in Texas was one I wasn't ready for at the time. However, I hadn't forgotten about it. So, on March 6th, I emailed an informal proposal to him. The result was that I not only received an immediate response to call him, but when I reviewed his Web site, I discovered that the opportunity had actually expanded.

But, even better, when I called him, we both got excited because not only was the opportunity still open for me, it was considerably better than when I first spoke to him. Moreover, the ideas I brought with me were a perfect match and blended into his program. Additionally, I could continue enjoying my "Living Free . . ." nomadic lifestyle on my own terms. And the final icing on the cake was that, I would be able to help other people, like many of the folks who read this blog, with an opportunity that can provide some financial freedom in their quest for living free.

NOT A Multi-Level Or Network Marketing Business

I'm not proposing anything to you as you read this post. I haven't made any snap decisions to get involved in this opportunity, yet. I have my own due diligence to do before I make any commitments. I recalled taking  advantage of an opportunity back in 1992 with a fellow from Houston, Texas. I flew to Houston. I met with him. I observed his operation. I gained full knowledge of his business and a complete comprehension of his role and mine. And, everythingt worked just as it was supposed to. Unfortunately, an outside third party stuck their nose in and, without full knowledge, caused havoc and, ultimately, the result was one of those "learning experiences" I mentioned earlier.

Interestingly, in this current instance, both the gentleman in Texas and I have mutual friends that we hold in high regard and have a deep respect for. Our mutual friends has vouched for both of us. Additionally, I've done some vetting as has the Texas fellow and we both feel comfortable with the potential for this collaboration.

As an aside, but an important point, over the past 30 years or so I have been involved in a number of multi-level and network marketing businesses. I have a number of friends who have made nice fortunes in the multi-level/network marketing field. While I have not found my fortune in multi-level/network marketing, I can state that I have learned enough from my experiences to consider having earned a PhD in business, marketing, sales and psychology. However, a very important thing for me is that this new opportunity does NOT involve multi-level or network marketing. That is a big thumbs up for me in this case.

So, my next step is to plan a trip to this small town in Texas to meet my new friend and his staff. I'm considering going in April to be there for the launch of a brand new facet of the business. Again, this new facet is right up my alley and in the comfort zone of my own lifetime experience. I'll study his marketing plan, discuss my participation and iron out the details of my participation. I'll also determine how to best blend in my ideas that, while related, are different from his, yet mutually beneficial. Once I've had the chance to spend that time, get to know the players, digest their business and marketing plan and determine how the opportunity can positively interface with my chosen lifestyle, I'll be able to make an intelligent and calculated decision.

Opportunities Are Everywhere

As I've stated before, opportunities are everywhere. You simply have to keep your eyes, ears and mind open to all the possibilities that cross our paths. No! Not every opportunity is right for you (or me). Believe me, my time is priceless and I've wasted too much of it on opportunities that were absolutely wrong for me. I'm sure you've had that experience, too. I've also become much better (time and experience are wonderful teachers) at knowing immediately that NO is the appropriate response right from the start for many opportunities presented to me. I hope you have, too. Again, your time is priceless and you don't want to waste it on any opportunity you know isn't right for you and then possibly missing the perfect opportunity because you're too busy running in place and getting nowhere.

I have only posted this information to show you how opportunities (and sometimes we can even refer to them as serendipities) can appear, seemingly, out of nowhere. Also, as I've noted, sometimes an opportunity isn't right for your consideration at one point in time, but at some future date it could be the match made in heaven.

I'll let you know more in the future about how this opportunity develops for me. I'll let you know if it is right for me and if I'm accepting the new challenge. If I do accept the challenge and become involved in the opportunity, I'll give you a very basic idea of what it entails and how it will impact my life. However, it won't be something I'll try to sell you through this blog. If, like me, you see something interesting, you'll be able to contact me and I'll be able to discuss it person to person with you. We go from there.

 Meanwhile, I know there are many of you looking for opportunities to improve either your present condition or your lifestyle. You're looking for ways to enjoy living freer than you may currently be living. The opportunities are all around you. As I said earlier, keep your eyes, ears and mind open. You may pass a lot of ugly frogs; you may even kiss a few of them before you find your prince or princess. Believe me, if you're taking the steps to live free (there are 12 of them in this blog that you should have read and hopefully are implementing), you are going to be so much further ahead of the majority of the people in the U.S. and the world in realizing personal freedom, happiness and joy. Finding your right vocation or avocation is one of the 12 steps that will help you realize that lifestyle.   

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