Saturday, April 20, 2013

Something Different . . .

Regular readers of this blog know to expect some of my philosophical ramblings when you come here. Hopefully, you gain some kind of nugget, an idea, a concept, a factoid . . . something you can chew on and digest that will assist you in some manner.

However, like you, I also read blogs written by other people. I'm always looking for bloggers I resonate with. I'm either looking for new ideas, concepts and philosophies or I'm looking for affirmations of my own. I subscribe to a number of blogs that I may read on a daily basis, or whenever a new post comes out or periodically, depending on the specific topic of the post. You'll also find most of these bloggers in my "Blog Roll" tab. I usually read a number of blog posts from new blogs I'm following before I determine if I want to add them to my Blog Roll

Today, I'm going to give you two links. Each link is to a different blogger, one is on my Blog Roll and the other isn't, yet, but will be.

The first one is a new post on the Daring to Live Fully blog by Marelisa Fabrega. The post is titled 23 Ways to Increase Your Happiness. I've featured information from Marelisa before. Her posts are light and typically include helpful lists of ideas. This time Marelisa provides 23 idea or tips on being happier. All you need is one idea and you're ahead, but here are 23 to select from. I'm sure you'll find at least one and probably a few.

The other post is from a new blogger I've just discovered. Some readers of this blog also follow the To Simplify blog by Glenn Morrissette. Glenn introduced me to the Rogue Priest blog written by Drew Jacob this past Thursday. Drew is an interesting guy. I relate to a lot of his ideas and philosophies and I find that interesting since Drew is probably about 38 years younger than I am. Actually, he's younger than my own son. His recent post titled, Sometimes You Stand Alone resonated with me and I pass it on to you.

I commend both of these posts to you. Each, in its own way, will contribute something to your life and quest to live freer and happier.  

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