Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring is Springing - April 2013

Ahhhhhh! The fresh, clean smells of spring are in the air. Spring is one of my two favorite seasons of the year, the other being fall. I tolerate winter (barely if I'm where it's cold) and I enjoy summer. But, I love spring and fall.

Here is a very short photo essay of spring as I saw it around me this morning. There's not much more to say. Mother Nature is her own narrator.

The deep green color and the fragrance of freshly mowed grass

The tiny green buds on the trees opening into light green leaves

The profusion of colors from the infinite variety of wild flowers - Blue




Familiar old friends - the Robin

Graceful new birds made by man - the White Sail

The light green mountains - with white Dogwoods

The nearby hilltops turning lush and green again
We have a most beautiful blue and green jewel orbiting three rings out from Old Sol, from which the light and the energy that creates all of this lush green and blue water and the infinite array of colors in nature emanates. It is the great gift we humans all share. I hope it's spring where you are in the northern hemisphere and you're enjoying the magnificent birth of new life that comes with this season. Thank you to all those in the southern hemisphere for sharing it with us. We'll pass it back to you in the fall. And I hope we all appreciate it and take care of it for as long as we human, the inhabitants of this jewel like orb are blessed to have it. 

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