Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photo-of-the-Week #112 - In Its Day, 1960 Red Cadillac Convertible at Desert Gardens Classic Cars, Quartzite, Arizona, April 2010

There she is - big, red and beautiful - a red, 1960 Caddy convertible. Those were the glory days of big cars, big fins and big engines. I found this beauty at a place called Desert Gardens Classic Cars in Quartzite, Arizona. That's one of the great things about simply traveling around this great country with no specific objective but finding whatever serendipity is around the next bend or over the next hill.

Desert Gardens Classic Cars was literally in the desert. I couldn't resist pulling in and ogling all the beauties. There were some cars I hadn't seen since I was a kid growing up in New Jersey. What a treat. If you hadn't noticed it, there is a beautiful Studebaker Commander Skyliner on the top of the car transporter right above the Caddy.

Great old cars, gas guzzlers all, especially compared to today's standards.  

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