Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photo-of-the-Week #126 - In The Beginning, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, September 23, 2013

For some reason, when many of us, perhaps, most of us reach a certain age we begin trying to reconnect with our roots. People who never leave their hometown and maybe even the home they grew up in probably don't have this same need. But, those of us who have left the hometown and especially the geographical region, often have some primal need to reconnect. I just did that.

I was born in Passaic, New Jersey and grew up primarily in Clifton, New Jersey. While I've passed through my hometown area on many occasions over the decades, I hadn't really "gone home" to reconnect with my roots. One thing you learn is that time marches on. Some things change either for the better or the worst. Some things just disappear and are gone forever. I know the hospital I was born in is no longer in existence. I don't know if I was ever there after my birth. The first place I lived after my birth is unknown to me. I am led to believe it was somewhere on Clifton Avenue in Clifton, New Jersey, but I have currently not found a way to confirm that.

So, the photo you see is of the home I lived in from somewhere in the range of age two or three until around age four or just prior to that. Now, at the age of two or three, I really don't have very much recollection of this house. But, I do have some very vague memories. The homes around this house didn't exist in 1947-48. The house would have had different siding on it and it was not red. I just know that it was at the top of the hill on Highland Avenue and, to the best of my knowledge the road was a dead end. You can see My McVansion in the photo parked in a street directly across from the house. I don't believe that street existed, the houses all appear to be newer than the late 40's. There is also a large, fairly modern elementary school next the My McVansion that didn't exist back then.

All I know is that this is the first place I have any recollection of at all during those very early years. Maybe in my genealogic research I may discover that first address and I'll be able to locate the house on my next trip to Clifton. For now and for me this is my earliest genesis. This is my, "In the Beginning..." 

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Linda Sand said...

The first place I remember living I don't remember the house at all. What I remember is the kids next door had a sandbox with a canopy over it and I thought that was cool! Apparently, I was two years old since I've been told we only lived in that house six months. I do remember the next house, and can still recite it's address, since we lived there when I started kindergarten.