Sunday, October 20, 2013

Photo-of-the-Week #129 - Autumn in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, October 2013

Nature is a magnificent artist. I took this photo at the small lake fed by the boiling spring in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania earlier this week. I have a friend, Tracey Jones, who lives right across the street from this view. My friend has a really neat little guest house (she calls it a hut) that she has offered me anytime I'm in her area. Her father, was my dear, late friend, Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, author, publisher and internationally renowned speaker.

The historic village of Boiling Springs is in south central Pennsylvania between Carlisle and Mechanicsburg, two historic cities and not far from Harrisburg, the state capital. This is a very historic region. It's also the home of Tremendous Life Books, the publishing company Charlie Jones started and is now operated by Tracy. I was in the region to attend the Ribbon Cutting and dedication of the new Charlie "Tremendous" Jones Conference Center located at the publishing company's office and warehouse in Mechanicsburg.  As always when attending any event at TLB, I met some interesting and influential people at the conference center dedication. 


My Maine Blog said...

Absolutely beautiful...what a magnificent lucky to be able to see such beauty and to have such a generous friend to let you stay. I am envious of your Nomad husband and I have dreamed of doing the exact same thing...sometime....maybe we will have the opportunity...I never give up. : )

Ed Helvey - Professional Nomad said...

Thanks! I do consider myself fortunate both for the friends I have and for the nomadic, living free lifestyle I'm able to enjoy. I certainly hope you and your husband have an opportunity to partake in the nomadic lifestyle for at least some part of your lives.