Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photo-of-the-Week #130 - David and Goliath, Mahwah, New Jersey, October 2013

Actually, there isn't much to say about this photo other than it's VERY current. I snapped it this morning at the Pilot Travel Center in Mahwah, New Jersey. Yes! David is portrayed by "My McVansion" and Goliath is portrayed by a Volvo tractor and Mayflower Van Lines trailer from St. Petersburg, Florida.

I had actually selected another location to park in the truck lot where I thought I'd be out of the way, but while I was sitting around there came a "tap, tap, tap" on the window and it was one of the attendants saying I couldn't park in the location I selected. I first suggested that I move it back over to the car lot, but I'd have had to go back out on Rt. 17, go down a couple miles to an exit, come back up Rt. 17, get off at the exit right after the Pilot Travel Center, cross over Rt. 17 and come back down Rt. 17 to reenter the car parking lot. No, there was no cross over. They obviously, this Pilot still believes in a form of segregation.

Then the attendant pointed at the location you see in the photo. He said normally he'd put a bobtail truck in that spot. However, when I got over there it would have been a MIGHTY tough fit for a full-size tractor. But, My McVansion slipped in to the space nicely. I didn't hear another word from anyone all night. I think the Volvo tractor may have had the engine running, but little ole David didn't hear a thing way back there. I showed the photo to an old high school buddy I had dinner with (hadn't seen each other in about 23 years or so. Art says you could probably park the entire van inside the Mayflower trailer. And, he was right.

Anyway, I thought for those of you who had never thought about the size rig My McVansion is, you should have a pretty good perspective. I don't think My McVansion is as long (and definitely not as wide or high) as the Volvo tractor by itself. For those readers who are RVers or Vandwellers, like me, this is old hat to you, but I thought you'd still enjoy a chuckle from it.

Oh, I'm on another trip north that took me to the Hampton region of Long Island for the daughter of a dear friend and grad school buddy. I stayed in a budget motel (since I was paying the tab out of pocket) that came equipped with a more than adequate heater, a king size bed, a refrigerator, a microwave and a decent bathroom with good hot water. It also saved me over $100 for the two nights compared to what everyone else was paying.

I'm composing this post from the parking lot of the Garfield, New Jersey Walmart Motor Inn (bring your own accommodations) where I've stayed before. It's quiet and while I'm taking care of a few chores before racking out for the night, I have a couple windows open, the engine running and the heat on. I'm as warm and toasty as can be. After I post this to pop up tomorrow morning, I'll be turning off the engine, waiting a little while to make sure there's no carbon monoxide build up in here and then climbing into my cocoon that kept me warm as could be last night at the Pilot Travel Center. I'll be up here at least three more nights and possibly a forth, though I may leave after I finish speaking at Montclair State University again on Wednesday and head south - probably stay at the Philipsburg, New Jersey Walmart Motor Inn I've stayed at before. 

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