Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Finds #3

This week was a bit on the different side. It began with a snow and ice storm. That took some time to clear snow and treat ice. The big deal seems to have been all the hullabaloo about the passing of Nelson Mandel and the phony sign language interpreter who was signing meaningless signs and was within three feet of the POTUS as well as quite a number of other dignitaries. I have my own thoughts and opinions on Nelson Mandel, but I'm not going to publish them in this or any other article.

And, for some reason there just didn't seem to be too many things that caught my eye, well, at least not enough to motivate me to pass it on. But, here are a couple things for you to glance at.

First, the Mobile Kodger, another vandwelling nomad, visited this site and posted this article on his blog:

The second article I thought you might find of interest is from Trent and his "The Simple Dollar" blog. I love all the B.O.G.O.F, Twofers and now I'm seeing buy one and get three of other articles in the store for free. This is like getting a rebate when you buy a car or some other high priced item. You pay $1,000.00 and get a $100.00 rebate. Hmm! Let me think about this. My net price is $900.00. So, why do I have to give the seller the $100.00 so they can just give it back to me? Is this better than a discount of $100.00? Well, Trent doesn't talk about rebates, but he makes some sense or is that cents?

I hope I'll have a larger selection of Friday Finds next week. 

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