Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photo-of-the-Week #141 (A&B) Pepper Beach, Ft. Pierce, Florida, January 12, 2014

Two photos this week. And here's a twist for you. These photos are in Real Time. In other words, I'm actually composing this week's Photo-of-the-Week post while I'm sitting here at Pepper Beach and just took these photos moments ago.

Photo A is, of course, a shot of the Atlantic Ocean from the beach. I hope you can see the color differences in the water and the contrast with the beautiful blue sky with the puffy white clouds. It's a picture perfect day. There is a pleasant breeze blowing that makes the mid 70's temperature feel just a little lower than they are. However, the sun warms me very nicely. I'm actually sitting under a pavilion in the shade to compose this post because I can't see the computer screen in the bright sunlight. It's a bit cooler here in the shade. But, I'll be back in the sun as soon as this is posted.

Last night I spent the night at the Ft. Pierce Walmart Motor Inn (bring your own accommodations). It's one of the first RV/Vandweller friendly communities and Walmarts along the east coast of Florida, so far. I have stayed in other Walmarts along the way, but only the one in Yulee, Florida was able to allow RV parking overnight. The others I took my chances in and since My McVansion looks like a generic conversion van from the exterior view, I blend in with the many other similar vans in this region. So far, no one has bothered me.

Photo B is "The Tribe." most of these RV's were parked overnight at the Walmart with me and have been migrating over to Pepper Beach (and a couple other beaches in the area). From the angle I took the photo, you can see a green (modified) conversion van from Quebec and My McVansion in the foreground. The SUV to the right of My McVansion is from Michigan. There are a number of other Canadians in the main beach RV parking lot in the background. I haven't walked over, yet to see where all the RV's and camper vans are from, but I suspect they are mostly from northern states if they're not from Canada.

I'm also working on another post from some of the travels through South Carolina, Georgia and crossing into Florida. I'll post that later today sometime. I want to enjoy the beach a little and get some things done on the van while I'm parked here on this gorgeous day. I'll probably return to Ft. Pierce Walmart for this evening and then check out another beach tomorrow. 

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