Monday, January 13, 2014

A Room With A View

Here it is. It's my perfect home with the million dollar view.

Well, at least it is for today. It's about 80 degrees, warm sun, gentle breeze and a picture perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean and the sky over the sand dune I'm parked on (not actually, but I'm parked at a level even with the top of the sand dune).

The view is from my "office" (you can see a corner of the computer in the foreground) in "My McVansion." It's right next to my bedroom which you can see right next to my desk on the right. I've walked the beach, chatted up a few people, recorded some environmental sounds, watched some porpoises frolicking and I'm now working on emails and completing the post I had planned to complete yesterday. It's coming, honest.

Actually, I have my front driver and passenger windows open and the side door is also open. I backed into this parking space at Avalon State Park on one of the barrier islands across the Indian River from Ft. Pierce, Florida. As you might be able to discern, I opened the back doors and I'm looking out my "picture window."

As I've told friends, about the only thing that might be more perfect is to be on some Caribbean or South Pacific island beach in a hammock strung between two palm trees with a fishing line in the water to catch dinner with a couple adoring, young island women gently pushing my hammock and feeding me slices of papaya and fresh coconut. Oops! Did I allow my male chauvinist fantasy to slip out?

At any rate, I'm very happy today to be enjoying my current "room with a view."


Kenny said...

Looks great Ed. Many Kudos and best wishes.

Ed Helvey - Professional Nomad said...

Thanks Kenny,

I'm at a different beach today. One of those short and sweet rain showers just went over and now the sun is coming out again.