Friday, February 7, 2014

So Much To Do, So Little Time To Do It!

I'm sure you've said that yourself. It seems to be a pretty common theme in this complicated time we live in. Glenn Morrissette of To Simplify and Gary Arndt of Everything, Everywhere, two of the nomadic bloggers I follow, regularly seem to express this or similar sentiments. Believe it or not, it takes a lot to live a simple, frugal, nomadic, free lifestyle. I know! You're saying, "Stop complaining, you don't have a "rut job," fixed residence, spouse/family, etc. to be responsible for" . . . and you're right! But, that doesn't mean there aren't responsibilities and matters that have to be addressed even for someone who is "living free."

I have soooooo many photos I've been taking. Gary Arndt has to plan time off the road just to go through and edit all his photos and I'm in complete accord with Gary. Glenn, who used to post something everyday while on the road has started to cut back to every other day or even every three days most of the time now. Some of his posts consist of only photos with little or no text. Now, I love writing, but it takes some concentrated and focused time to write something that's both meaningful (I hope) and comprehensible. Adding some photos takes additional time. So, it starts to become a series of choices I have to make. Do I roll on and see things, meet interesting people, experience new things including wonderful new local eateries or do I sit somewhere in My McVansion and write, write, write. I'm looking for the balance, friends. I know it exists.

Today, as I compose this shorter than usual post, I'm in the parking lot of the Walmart Motor Inn (bring your own accommodations) on Wedgewood Lane in The Villages. The Villages, for those not from or familiar with Florida or not of retirement age (over 55) is the fastest growing retirement community in the U.S. It's located in central Florida, north of Orlando, south of Gainesville and roughly equal distance from the Atlantic coast and the Gulf coast. The current population of The Villages is slightly north of 100,000 folks - all 55 or older. It was the vision of a man who started it about 40 years ago and since his passing is run by his family. This guy saw what the Baby Boomer generation was going to want long before they knew what they were going to want. It's darn near about as perfect a small city as anyone could imagine. There is so much to do here that once someone moves here, it's likely they'll never want to leave and travel anywhere else. That may be a bit of an exaggeration. But, I've heard more than a few people say that. It was pretty darn fantastic when I was here about nine years ago and it's only gotten bigger and better since then, even through the real estate bubble busting and the recession.

So, yesterday I enjoyed lunch with an old friend who moved here from Winchester, Virginia ten years ago. I had dinner with another old friend who moved here from Winchester, last evening. It was great catching up with both of them and they are both completely happy with their lives here in The Villages. It turned a bit chilly yesterday with mist and some rain. Today it's a bit chillier, yet and it's overcast, rainy and misty, again. Shortly, I'm going to pull up tent stakes and head around The Villages on a little reconnaissance mission to capture photos of all the points of interest including the new (third) town center that has been constructed, or better stated is under construction, yet. If it grows like the other two, it will be a very large little town with all kinds of shopping and entertainment. And each town has a town square where there is live entertainment every evening, 365 days a year. I'm also going to stop at The Villages own radio station and plug my friend, Mickey Bo's, Rock N Roll Revue radio program he's syndicating.

From here I'm heading back over toward the Gulf coast for a few days and hope the weather will warm back up and get sunny again. I'll be meeting some more new friends over there, enjoying their company and attempting to get caught up on some writing and photo editing.

So, keep tuned and I'll get you caught up on the highlights of this trek and adventure. 

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