Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finally . . . Another Functional Page On The Living Free Blog

Good Thursday morning. I'm currently located in (as it has been described to me) the Geographic Center of Nowhere, in southeastern Georgia. As I sit here in My McVansion at my desk, I'm listening to the pelting rain on the roof. Now, if it was after March 21st, I'd call it a spring rain, but, alas, it's still officially winter. It's actually been raining pretty hard for the last couple days as I've been parked here in front of the Camp Host's motorhome at the Stagger Lee Music Park (and campground) between Hazlehurst and Baxley, Georgia. I'm actually not that far from the great Okefenokee Swamp. The Camp Host is my friend, Gypsy Jane aka Jane Cassidy. Jane's friend, Ellen, and her trusty canine companion, Sasha (a 90 pound German Shepherd) is parked next to Jane's motorhome. Yesterday we recorded some of Jane's original music and an interview, but more about that in another post.

While residing in the 50 square foot confines of My McVansion during on and off (today, so far, mostly, ON) pelting and torrential downpours might impact some people with claustrophobia, it actually provides me with an opportunity to catch up on a lot of things. For example, last night I finally made another of the pages listed on the left, next to the article text, a functional, working page. Several folks have been prodding me to get more of these pages up and running and the page I worked on last night has an, obviously, very pragmatic reason for existing. So, last night I activated my "Donations" page.

Now, friends/readers allow me to state categorically, I am neither destitute nor a beggar. I have been funding my lifestyle since I decided to pursue the Living Free life at the end of 2008. I have yet to not have more than enough to eat, run out of gas, had to wear rags (even when doing dirty work on My McVansion), to have a roof over my head, enjoy my travels and the places I visit and the people I meet. I'm not disabled. I still practice my profession of 50 years in the audio industry on a limited and selective basis. So, I'm NOT at all like the people you see standing at intersections with signs saying, "Will Work For Food." But, frankly, I thought the guy I saw once with a sign that said, "I'll Be Honest, I Need A Beer," was probably being just that, honest.

So, why do I have a "Donations" page on my site and why am I now activating it? It's really simple and I'll be very honest, I live a frugal life, BY CHOICE. I felt, after over 40 years (actually 57, beginning at age 12) of working, almost entirely for myself and creating jobs during that period for probably 100 other people, it was time, in 2008, to transition to a new, challenging lifestyle. Thus, through my Living Free lifestyle and blog, it is my mission to inspire, encourage and, perhaps, be the catalyst for you and others to uncover your dusty dreams, buried in the far reaches of your memory and reactivate them. I have numerous ideas on how I can help you if you're open to the possibilities and the opportunities.

Many hundreds of people visit my Donation page, and, I think it's reasonably obvious what the implication of such a page would be, so if these people have visited it, there must be at least a slight desire to consider helping me support this blog, my travels and my mission. But, to date, there has been no way to do it. So, my obvious reason for activating the page is to create a channel for those interested in supporting my mission.

Let me assure you, the Living Free blog is NOT going to become a "member" or "subscriber" site. It will always remain free and the content will continue to flow. And, I'm not expecting a flood of donations of some large denominations. Rather, I expect some modest contributions from those who are gaining value from the site and want to become a part of the mission. Perhaps, the donations will fund an extra tank of gas for My McVansion or help defray the expense of some occasional repairs. Maybe it will give me a bit more freedom to explore venues or meet up with people I can interview and share with blog readers to further inspire, encourage and be the catalytic converter to go from dreams to actions. Some funds will be helpful in expanding the scope of this blog and mission. Perhaps, I'll be able to rent a venue from time to time in various parts of the U.S. to invite blog readers to come together for a seminar or workshop I might put on and make it an event that brings more people of like mind together. The possibilities are endless.

However, I also plan to show my appreciation for all those who are so inclined to contribute something to the Living Free mission. I will do that by providing periodic "gifts" that will be only for those who are providing some generous support, regardless of the amount it may be. And, no, this is not a Public Radio or Public TV fund drive. But, to me, the least I can do is express my appreciation in some manner other than the simple, sincere "Thank you."

So, now you know that the Donations page is functional. You can use a regular PayPal account or you can use any major credit card if you wish to contribute to the Living Free blog. You have a choice of a one-time donation or a recurring donation. And, of course, I appreciate your loyalty in reading and following the Living Free blog whether you donate or not.

I might also add that you can also support the Living Free mission if you shop at Amazon by simply clicking on the Amazon icon on either the Product Page or the Donation Page. You pay the same price if you make your purchase through my Amazon Affiliate icon or go directly to Amazon. The only difference is that Amazon sends me a small referral fee for each purchase made through my affiliate icon. So, I appreciate your consideration in this manner as well. Soon, I'll be adding a Scottevest icon, as I'm now an affiliate of Scottevest. Scottevest is where "The Hat" (all leather, I mind add) came from as well as my travel vest, pants and windbreaker. And, I'll be adding other affiliate links as I identify vendors that I personally use and can endorse.

Well, that's about it for this rainy Thursday morning. I hope it's sunny and warm where you are today, but if not, just remember, there sun is always just behind those clouds.    


Dragonfly said...

Just found your blog, not to long ago, well worth my time reading.

Ed Helvey - Professional Nomad said...

Thank you, Dragonfly. I'm glad you found something of value. That's what makes the effort worth it.