Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…It's about learning how to dance in the rain" - Vivian Greene

How much of life do we miss out on because we just don't want to get wet? It's like an automatic reflex. The sky becomes overcast and we immediately start thinking about reacting to some rain.

Why is that? We go home and take off our clothes and climb into a shower or slide into a bath. Aren't we getting soaked to the skin, literally? Is it because we are wearing clothes that may be ruined if they get wet? My solution for that is simple, on days when there will likely be precipitation, don't wear anything that might be "ruined" by some of nature's liquid sunshine. That's right, I called it liquid sunshine and, of course, that's not original.
Hey! Have you ever seen the movie starring the late actor Gene Kelly titled "Singing In The Rain?" The famous scene from that movie has Kelly dancing and loving the rain as he sings the title song. Let a little kid out in the rain. They love it. So, what's our problem?

Life Is Full Of Rain Storms

As Vivian Greene points out with her analogy to life, why do we allow the "storms of life" stop us from dancing and singing in the rain. Don't we know that behind every rain cloud the sun is shining? Sure, some rain falls into everyone's life and sometimes they are storms, but life is such a gift. Why do we let the storm clouds and the thunder claps distract us from the sunshine we know is there. Okay, so I'm talking about having a positive attitude, the glass is half full, every cloud has a silver lining and "when it rains, it rains pennies from heaven."

Watch the movie, "Singing In The Rain" and every time a storm cloud of life rolls in, do your own Gene Kelly dance. Just make sure you're prepared and near a "storm cellar" in case the occasional tornado or hurricane comes along. But, they pass, too. What are your thoughts?

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