Monday, October 7, 2019

The First Day of the Rest of My Life – Over the Mountains & Through the Valleys – October 7, 2019 – Day 37

It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance. - Thomas Sowell

Today is Day 37 of this “adventure” I'm on. It was a rainy day as Carolyn drove me over the 7 mountains and through the 7 valleys (it almost sounds like the song we sang as kids at Thanksgiving and Christmas about going to Grandmother's house) to my Monday radiation treatment. The rain was good. It has been very dry in this region and we're not seeing anything of the seriously beautiful fall colors this region is known for due to the dryness.

We reached Winchester early enough to make a stop for some quick breakfast before heading to the cancer center. I walked in about five minutes early and they were ready for me, so I was finished five minutes early. Carolyn and I went over to Costco (we seemed to be drawn to that establishment even though we don't necessarily need or buy anything). From there we headed to Judy's house to drop me off. Judy wasn't home, so I let myself in, then carried my small amount of traveling “stuff” up to my room. Carolyn headed back to her place in West Virginia and I went up to my room and rested for a while.

I had an engagement at 3:30 PM at a local church in the Winchester area to do a little consulting. The topic at hand was sound and how to do certain enhancements to their system. The main issue is to mainly improve the sound of the musical portions of their Sunday worship services they stream live on the Internet. The main beneficiaries of this improvement is their shut-ins and others who may not be able to attend the church service for any of a variety of reasons.

It is said, “knowledge is power.” I strongly believe this. However, like everything, one must take this “power” and use it wisely. This is called wisdom. I certainly hope after more than 55 years of working with so many facets of sound and in such a wide variety of sound environments, that I have acquired the necessary wisdom to pass on to others to their benefit.

I also remember my father saying to me and others many times, “Everyday I learn more and more about less and less until one day I'll know everything about nothing.” I thought he was speaking in riddles back then. Today I truly understand what he was telling me. Thomas Sowell had a different way of expressing a similar piece of wisdom. See his quote at the beginning of this article.

Today, probably more than at any other time in human history my father's and Mr. Sowell's words ring true. There is so much new knowledge created in every hour, day, week and month that it's impossible for any single human being, or even an extraordinarily intelligent group of human beings to know all there is to know about anything, let alone everything.

I felt confident and comfortable today in sharing my knowledge and wisdom with the very nice folks who met me at the church. I believe I imparted some valuable learning on them about how sound works and how we humans process sound through the most magnificent receptors and computers on the planet and possibly in the universe, our ears and brains. I believe I also left them with a better understanding of the challenge of acoustics and utilizing certain audio “instruments” to achieve the objective they have.

For me, it also gave me something meaningful and productive to do during this period of my new adventure. It is in my DNA (as it was in my father's and is in my son's) to be helpful to others. So, now, I'll do a little research, put together some kind of proposal to include a few options and, perhaps, even do a few tests with them to help achieve their goal. This will make me feel my time here is of greater value. Today was a good day. Any day when you wake up and are still upright and can help others is definitely a good day.

Live free and be happy. EH

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KimTisha said...

Daily Mission Accomplished. Your father's quote about learning more and more about less and less made me guffaw. ;)