Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photo of the Week #45 – A Summer Evening Concert in Winchester

A summer evening, a group of bluegrass musicians, kids playing and dancing, parents and grandparents enjoying their delight, other folks, young and old gathering to share the experience. Street vendors and non-profit organizations selling refreshments. That’s the way it’s been for many years on Friday evenings during the summer in front of the old, historic courthouse in Winchester, Virginia.

The old downtown Main Street of Winchester (actually, it’s North Loudoun Street) is just a wonderful way to enjoy some great music, a pleasant outdoor experience and share with friend, neighbors and strangers all drawn together by music. The date on the front of the courthouse above the portico is 1840. In fact, many of the buildings around the courthouse and down the street are 200 years old and older. There is something very reassuring about being in a setting like this. I felt his same ambiance when I lived in Annapolis, Maryland and many of the buildings were 300 years old. There is a connection with history that makes it all very real.

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