Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo of the Week #48 – Moons Over Miami

Okay! So I’m having a little fun with words. And, before you jump to conclusions, NO! I’m not turning the Living Free blog into a porn site. Actually, this photo is one of several that illustrate one of the most natural and free states of men and women. I would imagine that’s one of the reasons these folks, for the most part, have adopted the label “naturists.”

This photo is from February of 2004 and was taken at Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida. While this was winter and the sky does look ominous, it was actually sunny on the beach and the rain never came ashore. It was probably in the mid 80’s and the water was actually quite warm. February is a time of the year when there are seldom crowds on this or any other beach in Florida. However, there are always some sun worshipers who will be there. This is a fairly narrow photo of the beach. The Haulover is quite large and I would estimate there were probably 150 to 200 people scattered around the beach.

How did I end up at Haulover Beach? I was on a vacation trip with a lady friend who thought she would show me how big a prude I was. What she didn’t know is that I had been to New Zealand and some parts of Europe where people, in general, are less conservative, at least over things like the nude human body. They are not exhibitionists, that’s another category, and they don’t run around flaunting themselves. They simply enjoy being as natural and free as they can be. I was not shocked, offended or a prude as it turned out. Do I seek out clothing optional beaches and recreational areas? No, I don’t, but when I happen onto such a location, it doesn’t make me uncomfortable. I guess you can say I’m able to go with the flow and when in Rome . . .


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed
I'm new to the forum and just found your blog
I used to live in Sunny Isles which is just north of haulover beach and would ride my bike there but never went to the nude beach
Are you in Florida?
It was interesting to read your writings

Ed Helvey - Professional Nomad said...

Hi Edie,

Thanks for dropping in and your kind words about the blog.

No, I'm not in the Sunshine State - been there plenty, though and spent all of January 2011 hanging out in Palm Harbor on the Gulf.

I'm currently hanging out in WV temporarily.