Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo of the Week #52 – Huff and Puff! You Won’t Blow This House Down. Northern California

Go ahead, Mr. Wolf. Huff and puff all you want, but even an F5 tornado isn’t going to blow this house down. I shot this photo in November 2005 in the land of the Giants – the Sequoia and Redwood trees of northern California. A friend and I were visiting Eureka, California, an interesting story itself. We took an excursion several miles south of Eureka and drove through a huge primal forest of trees that were alive at the time Jesus was walking around in the Middle East.

We found this tourist trap along the way and stopped to capture a few shots. These are actual stumps that were hollowed out and turned into playhouses. As I said, I doubt that an F5 tornado could tear this house down (well, maybe the roof since that was manmade).

I have other photos from different parts of California with more of these giants. They are truly awesome and I’m sure glad that we’re protecting them from becoming backyard picnic tables and benches as they were used for when I was a kid growing up. Like so many people, I should have studied geography and biology a little more intently when I was a kid and I would have probably known that these trees continue right over the border into southern Oregon. There is so much for me to explore and learn about on the left coast.

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