Sunday, September 8, 2019

The First Day of the Rest of My Life – A Sort of Lazy Day – September 8, 2019 – Day 8

I had no major events or activities planned for the day. But, I did have a lot of details things to deal with. M. Scott Peck said it all in that first line that was also the opening paragraph of the first chapter of his classic work, The Road Less Traveled. In three simple words, he said a mouthful. “Life is difficult.”

So, as much as I've simplified my life, doggone it, life is still not simple. So, today, I answered some emails, texts and Messenger messages. I expended tens of thousands of dollars paying most of the outstanding bills for the Veteran Speakers Retreat I recently coordinated (partially from a hospital bed). 

I reviewed a lot of the significant amount of paperwork that has already been generated over my medical adventure and found things I had missed. I started taking care of rectifying what I have been missing. I made a trip to the local Walmart to get a prescription filled and purchase some vitamin C with iron to help rebuild my blood supply and get rid of the anemia I'm dealing with.

So, while I called it a “Sort of Lazy Day,” it really was not so much. And, of course, there are a lot of other little things that make life interesting and pleasant. 

My friend, Carolyn, who I've mentioned before, is my personal angel. I've mentioned that she has graciously and generously allowed me to use her home in a little town in West Virginia as my base when I'm in the east and off the road. She is a retired nurse with 50 years of experience. She's been driving me back and forth to Winchester to the medical center there for all my appointments and tests. She actually was working at that hospital when we met 16 years ago.

In this world, one has to believe that there are all kinds of connections that happen for a reason, a season or for life. Some of the connections are spiritual in nature. I don't necessarily mean religiously spiritual. But, I personally believe we are connected to the universe through nature, people and our thinking. Carolyn and I are friends. I've had her back at times she's needed someone to back her up. And, now, she has my back. I guess there is something to the concept of Yin & Yang.

Carolyn loves to bake. So, tonight I indulged in a piece of homemade apple pie she baked this afternoon. It's the second such pie she's baked in the past few days. She also made another batch of homemade fresh peach ice cream. Delicious!!!

So, life isn't so bad. Once I begin treatments later this week and for the next few months, things may not be as good every day. But, knowing about all the people who are sending me positive thoughts, keeping me laughing, praying for me and just letting me know I'm loved and cared about, really makes a huge difference.

And, of course, there are the animals. Carolyn's little sidekick is a small Pomeranian pooch. She calls her “Honey I'm Home” or “Honey,” for short. I call her “Munchkin.” The poor dog is going to get a complex or have some kind of identity crisis. 

Then there is Bella. Bella is a very pretty cat. Now, it's important to know that I'm not a cat person. But, Bella is like a feline canine. She follows me around like a devoted little dog. She wants to be near me when she's in the house. She plays “high-5” with me, nudges me to play with her and even licks my hand like a dog would. I guess maybe she's having a species identity crisis. And, then there's Perry. He's Carolyn's favorite. They have their special relationship. Perry doesn't give a hang about me.

There are a whole lot of other cats that Carolyn feeds and has names for, but they are all outside cats. Oh yeah, there is also Petey. He's some kind of gray parrot type bird. He and I whistle at one another. There are deer, possums and groundhogs here. There were some beavers, but they've left. And, there have been a couple black bears, but they've been trapped and relocated.

There are other things of interest around here including a coffee shop where I meet interesting people. There is an old theater that a fellow is turning into a fine arts theater. There is an old vinyl record store and a music store. Each has a story and people of interest. So, I find interesting opportunities everywhere. Life may be difficult, but all you have to do is keep a positive outlook and you'll find so many interesting and sometimes exciting opportunities. It reminds me of the classic book Acres of Diamonds, by Russell Conwell. It's a short read and, if you've never read it, I recommend it.

Nothing else to say about today other than . . .

Live free and be happy. EH

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John Abert said...

So called "lazy days" are usually a mixture for me. I like my leisurely two coffees with breakfast in the mornings, while I catch up on computer-related stuff. By 11 it becomes non-stop until dinner time. Then I like my relaxing time again, usually with my favorite TV programs. Even while watching/listening, I am usually on the computer again. Such is life these days. I often wonder how we ever got a "quality" out of life when working full time, making someone else rich. Even in self-employment, efforts were usually toward adding to someone else's bottom line. All we can do is keep on keepin' on.