Ed's Services

Many people immediately jump to the conclusion that I am retired. I AM NOT! I consider myself "somewhat retired." Like many of the over 65 age group, I require some additional income to enjoy my chosen lifestyle. I still enjoy many of the things I did during my career.

As a lifelong, serial entrepreneur. I have a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience. Everything I've done to generate income during my professional career has been of my own choosing. When I didn't enjoy something, I simply eliminated it from my life. Basically, I did what I found interesting and enjoyable.

So, as I enjoy my "Living Free," location independent, digital nomadic lifestyle, I accept "freelance" projects that interest me,l utilizing the
knowledge, skills and experience I enjoy most. So, here they are. If you have a project that falls nominally in line with the services I offer, please consider contacting me.

Audio Recording & Production:

  • Voice-Overs
  • Voice/Spoken Word Recording, Editing and Final Production
  • Telephone Greetings and Messages on Hold
  • Audio Books - Narrating & Full Production
  • Sound Effects/Soundscapes Recording - Original, custom, live, digitally recorded sound effects and soundscapes for theatrical use, audio and video productions, etc.

Audio Conversion:

  • Analog to Digital, Archiving and Restoration
  • Reel to Reel - 1/4" full, half or quarter track, 15, 7 1/2 or 3 3/4 ips
    (1 7/8 & 15/16 ips may be accommodated on special request), monaural or stereo tape
  • Compact Audio Cassettes – 1 7/8 ips (15/16 ips may be accommodated on special request), monaural and stereo
  • Other Formats – May be available On Request (phonograph records, CD's, audio from VHS or other video formats)
Conversion, Archiving and Restoration (including any editing or repairs) are each separate services and increase in complexity and time involvement with straight conversions be the least complex and time intensive.

(NOTE: Depending on the brand, formulation and age of 1/4" magnetic tapes, some may require repair since they may be very brittle and break in pieces easily while others may require a special, extremely controlled "baking" process to reactivate the binding agent used to adhere the metal oxide to the mylar backing. Baking is contracted to a facility with a very accurate scientific oven and is an extra expense. Tapes requiring baking in this manner have about a two week life before they begin shedding the oxide again.)


All Fees are estimated on a Project Basis. Final Cost may vary from the estimate based on the final complexity, time and any special resources required.

Seminars, Workshops & Retreats:


  • Time Ranges from 1 Hour to 2 Days and includes Q & A sessions
  • Size: No limit to the number of participants
  • Topics: See Below


  • Time Ranges from 1/2 Day to Full Week
  • Size: Limited based on the length of the Workshop and the Topic(s)
  • Format: Interactive, all participants are expected to actively participate and interact with one another and the facilitator
  • Topics: See Below

Retreats (informal gatherings for professional or special interests at some kind of relaxed, informal venue)

  • Time: Ranges from 1 Day to Full Week
  • Size: Ranging from 10 to 12 to typically not more than 50 or 60
  • Format: Informal, all participants are expected to actively participate and interact with one another and the facilitator(s)
  • Topic/Theme: Your choice of those below or your own topics
Individual Consultation and Coaching:

Individual Consultation and Coaching available and offered if the event sponsor desires these opportunities for participants.


  • 12 Steps for Living Free (12 Step topics may be limited to any one or more of the 12 Steps)
  • Life Thieves
  • Downsizing Your Life
  • Simplifying Your Life
  • Economizing Your Life
  • Creative Ways to Add Personal Revenue Streams
  • Living Free in an Unfree World
  • Becoming a Living Free, Location Independent Traveler
  • From 5,000 Square Feet to 50 Square Feet

Also Available For Sponsored Webinars

Fees and Conditions:

  • Fees are variable and are based on location, travel, audience size, venue, whether a seminar or workshop and duration of the seminar or workshop.
  • I am very flexible and will often consider joint ventures
  • Conditions are also flexible - I usually require travel expenses in advance to and from wherever I happen to be at the time of the event. If I happen to be traveling in the area the event is scheduled to take place there will usually be no travel expenses other than accommodations for the term of the event. I also expect a non-refundable deposit in advance to secure the date. This is negotiable based on a variety of contingencies. This is all worked out in advance, prior to any commitments from either party.