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People often have questions about my Living Free lifestyle, philosophies, how I travel, where and how I stay for longer durations when I'm not on the road, how I find income producing opportunities, how I'm doing on my various projects (listed in my About page), my vehicle, my interior conversions and other curious aspects about living free. Please feel free to send me your questions as a Comment on this page or by email to ed@edhelvey.com and I'll list them here along with the answers. If I don't have an answer for your question or if there may be other resources that may be able to amplify on a question, I'll include those, too.



Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by the life style. I am currently a self produced guitarist songwriter who would love to travel making my living on the road sharing my music. I really enjoy checking out your site and who you are.
You are a free spirit and I connect with that.
My name is Gilbert Yslas. My music is available on CDBaby.com
I do a delta blues guitar Americana thing and I also do a beautiful
instrumental show that I call Liquid Blue.
Maybe we will connect sometime. And, if there is anything I can do
for you musically, let me know. I am available for hire and I do compose and write music. Thanks

Ed Helvey said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gilbert. I'm glad you're gaining some ideas and insight from my blog. Do you have a Web site up or any place else where you have samples of your music? I'd love to stop by. Where are you located? Who knows, we may very well connect one day. I was just out in Seattle where one of my readers is also a very talented vocalist - mainly jazz standards - and a composer of electronic music. I recorded a short gig she had while I was there and hope she may find some of it useful for demo purposes.


Unknown said...

Currenly living in Bremerton, Wa. Moving to Sequim, Wa 1st week of September then, onwards to Southern California
to spend some time with my family. I have a Chevy Astro Van 2001, very low miles that I'm considering turning into
my travel home. With good organization and planning, I can book myself full time on the road traveling the country.
I do have CD's to sell and I also do New Age Electronic music mostly done on guitar. If you go to CDbaby.com and
type in my name, Gilbert Yslas, there is an album called Liquid Blue. I can perform this music live plus I do a very
cool Americana Blues slide guitar show. I can pretty much drive into any town, find a restaurant, coffee house, club
or any venue and set up and play. Depending on the location, busking can be pretty good. Maybe, 100-200 a day.
Of course that's on a real good day. The free life style has been beckening my for a long time and I'm getting ready.
As far as I'm concerned, what a fabulous opportunity to travel and make some new fans. Would love to connect
with you sometime. Thanks very much Ed. Happy Trails to you! Gil

Ed Helvey said...

Great stuff, Gilbert. I'll have to check your music out. As I mentioned I was in the area Seattle just a few weeks ago for a couple weeks. My son, a world trekker and graphic designer/Web designer when not trekking, lives there. So, I sort of have a base there and will be returning there in the future. I also have friends and "outlaws" (former in-laws) who live in SoCal and the San Joaquin Valley. My former bother-in-law has a full RV hook-up at one of his places in Clovis, CA and I may use that as a winter base next year or so.

Your Astro van sounds great, but a bit small for me. I'm not willing to go under the 50 sq ft in my full-size Ford, high-top, conversion van. I originally thought I was going to want a 40 class A motor coach with about 300 sq ft. But, now that 40 footer would be like a palatial palace. I'm sure we'll get to cross paths somewhere along the way. Your plans to work and be a nomad as an itinerant, touring musician sound great. There's another fellow I'm in contact with who has a Chinook class B+ motorhome - about 21 feet, I think, who is a Hollywood composer, TV and film orchestrator and sax player - who lives and works full-time out of his tiny home on wheels as he seeks out nature as his recording studio. He's also preparing to write a book. You can find him in my blog roll under "To Simplify."