Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Milestone Marked – March 18, 2012

Today this blog has reached a milestone. At about 8:30 AM Eastern Time I checked the analytics on the blog and it indicated exactly 10,000 page views.

So, as far as lots of other blogs go this is a fairly small number, but everyone had to reach this number before they went on to the larger numbers they now can boast about. I’m pleasantly pleased because I started this blog in February 2008, just over four years ago. The gratification for me is that over 80% of the page views have been in the last few months with a constant increase each month. This is an indication of some real growth and I’m hoping that it’s also suggesting that I must be saying something of value from time to time to people reading the blog.

While Living Free . . . is my main blog, I have actually been blogging since February 2005. I’ve started several blogs since that time as I attempted to find my “voice.” Most of them don’t even have 100 page views. One does have over 1550 page views and I haven’t actively posted anything new to it in five years. I also have a new blog I’m just formulating as a spin off of Living Free . . . It only has a couple opening posts on it and I haven’t promoted it at all, yet there are over 50 views already.

Living Free . . . has also logged (as near as I’ve been able to track) viewers from over 40 countries. Of course, the main viewing audience is located in the U.S. That there are viewers on six of the seven continents is a pleasant surprise.

I hope that what is said when talking about making a million dollars is true of blog views as well. If the second million dollars is easier to earn then the first million, I hope the second 10,000 page views is easier to earn then the first 10,000.

Thank you for taking the time and interest to view and read my blog. I trust I’ve inspired you in some way and maybe even contributed an idea or two that have helped you move forward in your life and quest to Live Free.

Thanks for your support,
Ed Helvey

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