Sunday, January 1, 2012

In with the New – Welcome 2012

In three months I'll be completing the 67th year of my fantastic life journey. The beginning of a new calendar year brings with it promise of great opportunities, adventures and experiences. Okay, as a pragmatic person, I should also look at reality and say that there will be any number of potential tragedies, disasters and negative experiences. That’s all true. I’m sure each of us can go back, year by year, and recount all the negative things that have happened in the world, the country, the local area and out personal lives. But, life happens and if we spend all or even any of our time dwelling on those things there’s a good chance we’ll miss some of the great things that are awaiting. Life is going to happen whether we like it or not, so why focus on the negative. It takes up too much priceless time.

So, what’s on your docket for 2012? Hey, it’s a presidential election year. Boy, I’m looking forward to that like having lye rubbed in my eyes. Actually, I plan to ignore as much of this overbearing campaign clap-trap, mud-slinging puffery as possible. Yes, I’ll make sure I’m informed so when I cast my ballot I’ll be sure to do so for the evil of two lessers of my choice. You?

Are you looking at getting a new job or finally getting a job in 2012? If you are, I truly hope it is one that you can enjoy and be passionate about. I also hope it allows you to explore your own personal freedom and expand on it.

Are you looking forward to a new “bambino” or “bambinette” in your household? Another miracle in the making. I wish for a strong, healthy and beautiful baby.

Perhaps you’re going to move to a new residence – purchased or rented – it doesn’t make any difference. I trust it will be an easy and pleasant experience and that you’ll find much happiness and comfort. If you’re one of the unfortunate who will lose your home this year, I hope the experience is less negative then you expect and that you’ll bounce right back into a new habitat and start anew.

Are you retired or retiring or, perhaps, out of work and just not seeing any prospect of getting back into something that replaces the employment you lost? Do not stop being productive. If you’re retired, retiring or have given up on whatever career you had, don’t sit back and do nothing. If you’ve ever seen what happens to buildings that stop being occupied and used cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and so on that are abandoned and no longer used, it’s not pretty. It doesn’t take very long for weeds and junk vegetation to take over the grounds and the building. And rust, mold and dry rot settle in very fast on cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, etc. Don’t think you’re any different. Find things to do. Make things to do. Start a part-time business. Rekindle old hobbies. Take a part-time job. Volunteer your time and talent. Everyone can do SOMETHING.

If travel is on your 2012 agenda, then I truly hope you’re going to experience some magical, historical, beautiful, exciting and relaxing places. There is no single human alive anywhere in the world regardless of their wealth or lack thereof, who can see and experience everything there is to see and do. Don’t let finances stop you. Use your creativity. Where there is a will there is a way.

As for me, well, I see nothing but an exciting year ahead. I plan to expand my writing and blogging. And, coincidentally, I will work at expanding my readers and followers. That is a two edged sword. In order to expand my readers and followers, I have to create information and ideas that are worthy of their (your) eyes and time. So my work is cut out for me.

I also plan to begin doing some living free seminars and workshops. I fully expect, since I’m still relatively unknown, that this will begin small. But, I hope I will have the kind of information that will help you and others to create your own living free lifestyle and, with time, I’ll have the privilege of assisting more and more folks who are tired of the rat race, the day to day chaos of the world in general and the burden of too much overhead and stuff. None of us will escape some of the complications that just existing in our society burdens us with. And, the older we get, the more complicated it seems to be. But, by simplifying your life, downsizing and eliminating a lot of no longer needed (or maybe never wanted) stuff, material and intangible, from your life, things can be so much better. We do have choices.

Music has always been a part of my life. Heck! It’s the main driving force that drew me to the recording and audio industry nearly 50 years ago. I’ve had a project in the back of my mind for a few years now and in the near future I’m going to announce that project. It will be national in scope, involve people of all ages, both genders, all races, ethnicities and emphasize the importance of music in our lives and culture – from singing lullabies to our babies to soothing the souls of those dealing with dementia and the ravages of dreaded Alzheimer’s and everything between. It’s a passion that has been growing for years and it’s time for something to happen. I’ll be recruiting some of my talented and creative (mostly more creative then me) friends and colleagues for their input and when it’s the right fit, their direct participation. It will be a not-for-profit adventure and I’ll plan on gaining some grant funding to get it started. Once it’s rolling, I’m planning for it to become self-sustaining. Any profits that may be generated will be used to assist people in some kind of need - yet to be determined. This will be my venture into social entrepreneurism.

Travel! Oh, yes! This year I have to get back on the road. I’m working on the van conversion. Soon I’ll begin writing posts, complete with photos, of the actual process of converting the 1994 Ford high-top van into a basic, micro-motor home for one-person. I am finalizing my technology for maintaining communication, Internet connectivity and entertainment during my travels. I have one design completed and I’m considering a second possible design as an alternative. I have identified most of the materials and sources. I’m still a bit stymied by the electrical system, but I’m sure I’ll find the help I need to resolve that. I am planning a trip to the west coast in the early to mid spring – Seattle to visit with and hang out with my son and former brother-in-law and family for a while. Then to Oregon to visit one or two friends I haven’t seen in over 40 years. And, finally, California to visit other family members and friends.

I’m also going to complete a major task I’ve been dragging my feet on. I WILL clear out the storage unit in Winchester. Mostly what’s left there is a lot of outdated, heavy, electronic equipment – mainly from the audio recording, tape duplication and video industries I’ve been involved in over the years. This is one of those projects that for whatever reason and we all have them, we just keep putting off. The longer we procrastinate, the worse it is. So, this is it. Time to bite the bullet and do the final part of the major downsizing that I started in 2008. It’s time to move forward and stop dragging the past behind as a giant anchor.

So, again, I thank you for reading my musings and following along my living free journey. I wish you a happy, healthy, abundant and living free 2012. Stay tuned! It’s going to be a grand adventure.


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