Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo of the Week #39 - Northern Seneca Lake at Geneva, New York

Upstate New York holds many fond (and frigid) memories for me. This photo is of the northern end of Seneca Lake at the picturesque small city of Geneva, New York. This photo was taken during my last visit to the region in July of 2007 for a wedding. The view is from a couple blocks away from the water’s edge from a vantage point in the city.

Seneca Lake is part of the Finger Lakes made up of a series of long, narrow lakes formed by glaciers during the last ice age. The lakes have great fishing, boating and other water sports. This region is also the large vineyard and wine making region of New York state. The scenery is beautiful and the area is dotted with little cities, towns and villages, like nearby Waterloo where I interviewed for a radio job after completing my masters degree at Syracuse University, about 50 miles away, in the late 1960’s. Waterloo is also the hometown of the bride (now my sister-out-law – Michelle married my former brother-in-law, Don) from the wedding I was attending. The region is also populated by many small private and state colleges and universities.

Geneva is a pretty little town and doesn’t appear to have changed dramatically since my days in the late 60’s when I would cruise through this beautiful New York region. I can’t wait for a chance to return and visit this area again in the not too distant future. But, as much as I love the scenery, I cannot forget the amount of snow that fell in this area and the sub-zero temperatures I experienced during my two-year tenure in central upstate New York. So, some 43 years later, I don’t believe I’ll be considering the region for my final place to settle down waiting for my “final” journey.

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