Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Behold, “My McVansion”

It’s time for the official announcement in the Name My Van contest.

After going through piles of names and then narrowing it down to 12 and then to 3, I’ve finally settled on one. After trying all three names for several weeks and getting responses from various folks, the name that garnered the most smiles, chuckles and “that’s cutes” is “My McVansion” The name actually submitted by Brian Tricoli of Hawthorne, NJ was “Mini McVansion.” and while I liked the name that way, I felt it was a bit redundant. After all, when comparing a McMansion with a McVansion, the size difference should be pretty apparent.

So, I liked McVansion, which garnered the most votes overall by a small margin. But, then as men often do when naming a boat, I personalized it. A boat, for example might end up as “My Serenity” or “My Obsession.” In my case it became “My McVansion.”

And as I mentioned earlier, this name lends itself to a nickname. Just as people refer to McDonald’s fast food restaurants as “Mickey D, My McVansion will affectionately be known as “Mickey V.”

I want to thank all of you who played along with my Vantastic Name My Van game. I hope you had some fun in dreaming up the very creative names you all submitted. I definitely had fun with it and appreciate your submissions.

Now, I’ll see about getting some decals made up for Mickey V and affix them.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Tis lovely to gaze upon. Some interior shots would be welcome Ed.

Richard Rosen

*VanMomKaren* said...

Love it! Congrats! :)

Ed Helvey said...

Thanks, Richard -- Interiors soon.

Ed Helvey said...

Thanks, Karen -- and thanks for your submissions and playing along.