Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 I just posted the following article on Facebook today, January 13, 2021. It's one week after the U.S. Capitol was stormed by a bunch of organized, trained thugs, extremists and domestic terrorists supposedly incited by the outgoing President Donald Trump. NOT! These people acted on their own volition and need to be held accountable for their actions. Trump did not lead them. He did not tell them to storm the Capitol. He did not instruct or command them to break in, cause damage, steal anything or intimidate or attack any people. He simply indicated they should march down to the Capitol where the vice-president was counting and confirming the electoral college ballots with the House of Representatives and the Senate for the next president of the United States.

I was working on something else and the TV was on in the other room and I was listening to the proceedings going on in the House of Representatives to impeach President Trump for the second time when he only has seven days left in office. I got very sick listening to these people as you'll read below. I couldn't hold back. I had to shut the puke coming out of these people's mouths out of my mind. So, I turned off the TV and sat down and wrote this article for Facebook. Perhaps you've already read it there. I have no plans to follow up on it, but I'm expecting to be brutally attacked by a large number of people. And, I fully expect that these cretins in Washington, DC are going to succeed in destroying many lifelong friendships. I don't plan to end any friendships. However, if others decide to end our friendships, that will be by their choice, not mine. And, obviously, I guess politics is more important than friendship in those cases. So, here's what I said on Facebook.


This is a one-time post from me on this subject! I'll probably be banned from Facebook - and so be it! And, it will be just one more knife in the back of freedom of speech in this country!

I NEVER thought I'd be witness to a public lynching. I just had to turn off the live news feed of the biggest lynch mob I've ever heard of. It's called the United States Congress. I now know that in order to become a "so-called" elected representative of the people of this country you have to have an IQ that exceeds 12 but does not surpass 50. I had to turn it off because I was literally about to vomit my guts out listening to these imbeciles.

People are suffering and dying of Covid-19. Our military men and women are spread all over the world, millions have died over the years (and I'm a veteran myself) - supposedly defending our freedom and Constitution - and meanwhile - the people in the (supposedly) People's House are defiling that Constitution and tearing it apart. And, there are dozens, if not hundreds of real-world, important issues for the US citizens that should be the real business of the Congress. They have ignored most of them for the past four years because they were too busy trying to lynch the president - and have continuously failed.

Now, a whole bunch of you who I have considered, loved and cherished as friends, many being lifelong friends, are going to come back and condemn me, tear me a new A-hole - and, you may unfriend me. That's your choice. I will not condemn you or unfriend you even though I don't agree with all the BS you post. And you may never speak to me again. So be it. Again, your choice. I don't talk politics or religion with friends because it never comes out good. But, the word disgust doesn't even scratch the surface of how I feel.

There are IMPORTANT - I mean REALLY IMPORTANT issues that these overpaid A-holes in the Congress should be addressing - but NO! They are having a lynching party. But, is this lynching party something that just came up last week? HELL NO! This lynching party began and has continued since before the current president was even nominated for the 2016 election. And, immediately after his inauguration in January 2017, these bastions of intellectual wasteland, the Democratic Party, publicly announced - "Let the impeachment begin." A-holes - all of them.

And don't think your Democratic presidents and candidates are without stink! EVERY president and candidate - except probably Washington (and he got the hell out before anyone decided to lynch him) have had their detractors and even haters. Lincoln was so hated, mainly by the Democrats who seceded part of the country and created the Civil War, when they couldn't get rid of him any other way, they assassinated him.

Now, don't all you smug Republicans think you're any better. You're not! You're cut from the same fabric. I have never registered with either party because going back as far as my college years I could see that I could never buy into either party. But, over the 50+ years since I graduated from college - and especially the last 3 decades or so - it seems like the intelligence and abilities of the people we have elected to represent us - has declined exponentially and reached a new low - the lowest of the low at this point.

Let's face reality - you people in Congress don't represent the people of this country - that's a bunch of political BS rhetoric to keep us voting you back in so you can continue living your elitist lifestyles off the public taxpayers' dole. You really serve the MONEY TRAIL, the mega-corporate cabal, for want of a better description, that funds your campaigns and helps you come into office as thousandaires and leave as multi-millionaires - plus have a VERY HEALTHY retirement package. You don't relate to the average working stiff - i.e. your pawns and peons who make up 99% of this country's population.

I would suggest that you're blind and naive as to who really was responsible for what happened last week in the Capitol - BUT YOU'RE NOT! You know full well there are extremists groups from the far left and the far right who are trained and paid to do exactly what happened at the Capitol. And, through the spring and summer, they were all over the United States burning, destroying, looting, assaulting and even killing bystanders for months in major and minor cities. Supposedly this was under the guise of Black Lives Matter.

But, most of the BLM demonstrators were average people who were upset by some issues that they rightfully have reason to be upset about. I support their right to protest and demonstrate. However, then, step in the paid, organized, trained thugs, extremists and domestic terrorists (as you are now calling them) who incited those BLM or, in last week's case, Trump supporter members of those crowds who are susceptible to being incited. That's what happened last week. And it was what happened throughout the year supported by the Democrats in the BLM demonstrations. Sorry! Maybe you can pull the wool over some people's eyes, but I can see through your game very easily.

And, the rioters last spring/summer and last week - acted individually and on their own accountability. If they are caught, they need to be held accountable. Trump did not order them nor did he pay them to do what they did. They made up their own minds. Wait, if you Democratic members of the House were told by Nancy Pelosi or even Barack Obama to go jump off the Washington Monument, you would, right? You don't think for yourselves, I forgot.

Now! Let me make this perfectly clear. I AM NOT A DONALD TRUMP FAN! I don't personally like the man and have no desire to ever meet him or be in his presence. I don't believe he is the best leader. But, I do believe - like all leaders in all pursuits - he displays various degrees of personality disorders including, but not limited to narcissism and sociopathy. But, it's those very traits that propel virtually all leaders up the ladder. It's the same in the corporate, military, religious, financial, all levels of government, etc. worlds. However, I also believe in playing fair. Which you don't know how to do.

How short your memories are. After Trump was elected - YOU Democrats incited (don't even try to deny it, you're liars anyway) riots all over the U.S. and especially in DC after his inauguration. It's in the news media's archives - oh wait! But, the mainstream news media have their noses up your asses. I have a masters degree in TV & Radio and studied all of this and how the media is used to influence the 99%. And, 50 some years ago there was still some reasonable semblance of objective, accuracy, and truth in reporting - not perfect, but reasonable. Today the MSM 4th estate is owned by the liberal democratic cabal. And, conservative Republicans, again, don't think your crap doesn't stink either - because there is an entire conservative news cabal that has emerged over these years. I listen to both sides and they both smell.

I don't like the next administration. I believe there are some things going on there that are hidden behind the "Green Curtain" in the land of Washington Oz. Regardless, there will be a new president, who I believe is inept and corrupt. But, there's not much I can do about it because I'm just one of the 99% of the pawns.

We already know - it's been well-publicized (and subliminally promoted) by the MSM and the Democratic Party that there will be major demonstrations - and I expect rioting in DC and all over the U.S. after the inauguration. However, contrary to some numbskull beliefs - I don't believe it will be roughly 50% of the U.S. population - who make up Trump supporters - who will be demonstrating and rioting. It will be large groups of people who will be incited by paid thugs, extremists and domestic terrorists.

I do not under any circumstances condone these actions, PERIOD!!! I'd rather see all those people stay home and protest by not watching the inauguration. Actually, maybe they should just disconnect their TVs and stop paying the cable companies and helping the networks pay the salaries to their overpaid news people and other "TV stars" who control the brains of the majority of the 99%. But, we know that won't happen.

However, I fear if the Wicked Witch of San Francisco continues defiling the Constitution and forces through an illegitimate impeachment (which already failed once), I believe we are going to see these riots (they won't even have the appearance of a simple demonstration) turn into something that will make all the BLM and last week's Capitol debacle combined look like a kindergarten recess. I can't, in my wildest imagination, begin to fathom the potential degree of lawless destruction, burning, looting, assaulting, attacks of LEO and National Guard troops. And, it's going to result in massive numbers of wounded and murdered civilians (many of them innocent bystanders defending their homes and businesses), rioters, LEO and National Guard.

The US will look many times worse than the Tiananmen incident in Beijing in 1989 and any of the riots in Third World countries over the last three decades. We will lose the respect of virtually the entire world and our economy will bottom out making the Great Depression look like a small blip on the radar. Sadly, this is the direction we're heading. And NOTHING you mental midgets in Congress do to Trump (and he definitely better not end up dead) will stop this. It's already in the cards. All Congress is currently doing is throwing high octane gasoline on what is already incendiary.

By the way, backing up just a little. I actually have seen and heard a few members of both parties and in both houses display some significant degrees of intelligence, reason and logic. Thank God there are a few with redeeming values and conscience.

While I am not a religious person, although I do have strong spiritual beliefs and I do believe in prayer, I can tell you, I'm praying very, Very, VERY HARD that this will never come to pass. It will set this country back to the Civil War and maybe even the Revolutionary War. We can't let this happen. But, God Forbid, if it does, it will not be Donald Trump who caused it or ignited the fuse of destruction. It will be the United States Congress and the inept numbskulls we pawns elected to defend the Constitution they will have destroyed.

Please pray with me that I am completely wrong and the correct actions will be taken to minimize the demonstrations and riots that are predicted for a week from today and probably for some time into the future. I say this with no direct implication or connection with Donald Trump - but only because it's a really good slogan for the Hope and Change (from Obama's days) - Let's Make America Great AGAIN! God bless you and God Bless America.

Live free and be happy. EH


humpy57 said...

WOW !!!!!
Well said. 100% agree (...even I can see what's taking place and I don't have ANY college education) Wake up America

Lorraine Frantz Edwards said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Ed, that is awesome and extremely well said. I pray your message, or your FaceBook page, is not taken down. This old lady has spoken out and her blog may "go dark" because she has supported "make America great again." Not a passionate follower of Donald Trump but my eyes wide open about our leaders at the Capital. God bless you for speaking out, and I'm praying for you and for the United States of America.

KimTisha said...
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KimTisha said...

Well said! It pains me to see where our country is heading.