Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo-of-the-Week #147, The Garden of Eden, Ocean Pond, Osceola National Forest, Florida February 2014

Today I'm including two photos for this week's offering. These are very current. Actually, I took them yesterday. I'm camped in The Garden of Eden on the shore of the Gorgeous Ocean Pond Lake in Osceola National Forest in north central Florida. The temperature was about 75 with a slight breeze and a beautiful blue sky.  It is about as perfect a day as anyone could ask for.

The first photo is from my "office" with the "French Doors" open to allow the day into My McVansion. You're looking over the top of my laptop computer through the foliage just a few dozen feet from the lake shore. I almost feel like I felt when I had my home on the shore of Lake Holiday near Winchester, Virginia except I wasn't free there, I had some substantial overhead. And, for part of the time it was not a happy period of my life, although the bucolic lifestyle made what I was dealing with somewhat easier.


The second photo is a shot of my "dining room" where lunch had been served and it was fit for a king - THIS king. One of my favorite meals, locally acquired tomatoes on fresh, multi-grain bread slathered with Miracle Whip and a bottle of "bug juice." The bug juice is a powdered drink mix - in this case, pomegranate and cranberry and no aspartame, it has Splenda which is sucralose and may be a little better than the other sweetners. At any rate, here I am in paradise eating some of my favorite things. How much better can life be?   

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